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Sorry, but that is absolutely awful.
Really like the Hiroshima armless chair
What is this, a woodworking kit for ants?!
Hmm, OK.Sometimes I can't help but feel that:1. difficult for the sake of difficult is common in the "high end" of designed items - I mean, what advantage (aside from bragging rights or justifying a high price) does having no weld lines bring to this piece of furniture?2. a lot of furniture on this thread is acclaimed as "great" today because people approach it with the idea that its greatness is a given, and then work backwards from then on to justify why3. so much...
Is it comfortable? It does not look comfortable. All that talk about cane and the esoteric techniques needed to form the steel parts (come on) sounds like rationalisation to me.
Yes.Step 1: google Omega Constellation Collectors DesmondStep 2: read and read and readNo other way about it. You'll soon enough discover whether you may have used the term "obsession" wrongly in place of "infatuation".You won't have any luck with 3rd party dealers - these watches aren't worth enough to make it worth anyone's time, unless you're happy to pay a big (and unnecessary) markup.That said the company would have to be a real specialist in piepans to prevent...
Well he has a watch with no papers, or good as no papers, which means that whatever premium he paid for papers is down the drain. It also means that whatever grey market warranty the watch comes with is void as the case/movement numbers no longer match. That "full service" by an unauthorised service centre - hmmm for me reflux inducing. And finally, I cannot fathom how stressing about the possibility that your 4/5 figure watch is franken can be a pleasant...
Ouch, sorry to hear this.And this people - is why sometimes you should go retail.
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