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You're using burl for the back of a bookcase?
Both are in the same metal, and roughly the same size (40sh mm), but the JLC will wear smaller, the Panograph will wear larger.Despite being superficially similar, without a shadow of doubt the JLC is the better watch in this situation. The movement design is genuine horological step forward, and the finishing is truly truly epic. The dial, with its grained eggshell finish, is not your usual shiny sunburst or satin silver dial and will change in accordance with the...
Some nice watches on this thread recently.Oh, and nice looking females too. Something that might help kill time for members here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FondationHH/videos?sort=da&view=0&flow=gridEspecially interesting are the earlier artisan series of videos - Engraver, Dialmaker, Guillocher, etcI like it that you have elected to take the path less traveled in growing your watch collection. Many happy returns!
Ah, but remember the fires that burn the hottest and brightest, also burn the fastest......Mama mia!!Also: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, product placement... mehhhhhhh. I found that collab a little less than inspiring. Another more effective example of JLC product placement was with Adrien Brody in The Pianist - from the first 2 minutes of the show:
It's simple really.Independents mostly fall into 2 distinct categories - breathtakingly expensive unique pieces or recased ebauches. The latter are often in case designs mimicking the successful models released by other established brands.The former group precludes most folk for obvious reasons ($$$, or lack thereof), ditto for the latter group (zilch resale value, zilch integrity).The ones that don't quite fall into either category - e.g. Nomos for low-mid end, Dornblueth...
This particular Tag is actually worth considering. Don't stop at the name!
Don't take yourself so seriously! Life is to be enjoyed. Tacky things can be fun things... in the right context. You can't always tick all the boxes, and if you want to go hardcore purist you'll either have an empty watch box due to lack of funds, or more likely... lack of "true" horological integrity out there. Not everyone can have a Comex Submariner next to a Daytona 6265 next to a Patek perpetual calendar chrono next to a Dufour Simplicity next to a Duometre.I spend my...
Oh wow. Oh wow wow.
That is kosher, a known (less common!) variation. You have correctly pointed out they pass MO as well.
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