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Nah, I don't know for sure. And even if it were so, life's too short to be vindictive about things like this. I hope whoever got the watch enjoys it.
Ehhh,you won't believe it - just got contacted by the seller to tell me that the purchase is cancelled because he apparently already sold the watch an hour prior. And this is after the watch was marked "on hold" all day with my initials on his website. It all smells and I feel that I've been - we call it getting gazumped here in Australia - when a seller accepts your offer, but then down the track reneges when a higher offer comes in. Oh well. Anyway, it was this watch:
Well, let's say it was a particularly well timed value proposition.
Just impulse bought a watch this morning while brushing my teeth. Am halfway between and
LOL. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-28448912
While driving to work this morning, I looked down - and was suddenly reminded of a recent TWAT theme...
On a more positive note re: limited editions - I kind of like this one: Think it will look fantastic on a whiskey perforated cordovan strap. Is it odd that I like I more than the non-LE? It's almost cheap enough anyway to be an impulse purchase. Hmm.
Where's the wick?
It's actually literally known as a octagonal door knob, sometimes the prefix Victorian or Edwardian is added. There are tons of them out there, modern repros are similar quality to real antique ones. Some of the better British made modern repros come unlacquered so that they will start gaining patina from the get go.
I like...- the hands, and the way they align perfectly on the minute markers or the hour dots.- yes that is a gangreserve, on a manual winder. Which makes perfect sense to me. The off centre-ness makes sense to me and I feel it balances out the branding opposite to it.- the little splashes of colour on the silver dial, as opposed to a coloured dial.- the lugs are different, a bit more rounded looking? I like them. Afaik other nomos have more angular lugs.... So yeah,...
New Posts  All Forums: