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In a way he never was a HM buyer, so sour grapes and all that...
What's your point? A markup of 70% on $500 is still way less than a markup of 70% on $5000. Plus you get the moral satisfaction that you're not paying for some prime real estate showroom wankery, etc etc.
Anyone have any experience with using Arne Jacobsen AJ lamps for bedside use?
Akatsuki, there are lady Omega Constellations in many different smaller sizes, both with mechanical movements and accursed quartz ones. There are some interesting watches for ladies from Nomos as well.
Foley, congrats on your pending promotion. You wouldn't happen to be a medico now, would you? Anyway, IMHO the Lange is the clear winner. Sober, clear, elegant, timeless. Perfect to mark a career milestone.Honest opinions ahead, which may or may not offend. Proceed at your own risk... [[SPOILER]]
Sweet cheezus, this all makes sense, free cheese with your cheesy watches!!Merry Christmas everyone!!!
An attractive watch, thanks for sharing, alpyigit.
Reverso fanboy checking in with pre-SIHH 2014 sneak peak (from our well connected friends at TPP)... Same GRUT case as the TTR 1931. ...honestly I'm a bit meh about this one. I still much prefer the "original".
Vacuum press is a common, good way to apply veneer. Looks like maple burl to me.
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