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Looks like ass. If not for the name on the label would you have been interested?
Two thumbs up.I don't know you, but you seem like a great guy.
Looks great, congratulations.
Because it can be done, and it's his watch, not yours?
Thanks for the replies to my earlier query guys. Much appreciated.
Great purchase wurger! Deployants are standard only on higher end JLC models - more basic models, and even some boutique models (e.g. Reverso Rouge) come with tang buckles.
I might just add as well that there are few other things - I've tried to simplify it as much as possible.Fibres are twisted into yarn/thread, which in turn is woven into fabric. To make it more complicated sometimes multiple threads are twisted into a single yarn - 2-ply, 3-ply, etc.1. The Super rating refers to the fine-ness of the fibres used to make up the threads (yarn) - this is often advertised. Higher Supers often go hand in hand with lighter fabric weight, as the...
In my humble opinion, the Reverso line suffers from a bit of an identity crisis. There are simple time only ones, large chunky "sporty" ones, large complicated ones, and a couple of variations of the slim to slimmer cases. The styling runs the gamut from elegant to staid to futuristic. And then there are quartz movement bearing ones too. Some have solid casebacks, others have display casebacks, and still others have dual faces. It makes it difficult in my opinion for...
Man, those prices are a rip.
What are the advantages of planing over sanding?
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