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Man - CD - that's a hell fo a story. Take care and hope you are well.
Hmm, a No 18 doesn't work with a 1920s table?
OK, you seem like a nice guy so I'm going to offer some unsolicited advice. A linen suit for work? Are you for real? I mean, unless your occupation is self-employed, gentleman tailor, or fashion buyer, a linen suit is not going to fly for work. The lighter weight linens will crumple, bag, and look ridiculous in a few years. The heavier weight linens, which do rumple more elegantly, completely defeat the purpose of wearing linen to stay cool in summer. Especially an...
Every time I see a Parmigiani, I think how much better a Laurent Ferrier is.
Looks like ass. If not for the name on the label would you have been interested?
Two thumbs up.I don't know you, but you seem like a great guy.
Looks great, congratulations.
Because it can be done, and it's his watch, not yours?
Thanks for the replies to my earlier query guys. Much appreciated.
Great purchase wurger! Deployants are standard only on higher end JLC models - more basic models, and even some boutique models (e.g. Reverso Rouge) come with tang buckles.
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