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Anyone know where I can source a black grenadine tie in Melbourne? Or anything similar? (Funeral)
Go to Nakajima in Shinjuku for a really excellent lunch. Get there 20min before opening and you should be in the first sitting. One michelin star, if that sort of thing matters to you. They also do an expensive kaiseki which requires reservations.
No.Australia is where luxury goods go to die.
That's a gorgeous example. Congratulations!
I think having a great typeface is, well, great - but could we keep things in perspective please. You write as though typeface was the only thing that mattered when it comes to watches - it's a great bonus if it's good, but it only detracts in the most minuscule sense when it's not.
Have had a recent medical mishap, but lying in a hospital bed gives you a lot of time to waste on oogling fripperies like luxury watches. Here are some watches that have really caught my eye in the last week or so. 1. The new JLC Master Control chronograph I think this one is a home run. I'm even willing to forgive it the lack of a sapphire caseback. No date window!! (har har) Perfect size (40mm), well balanced dial with ample subdials (nice). Gorgeous hands. No faux...
I apologise for doing a bit of a "hit and run" on the topic of ukiyo-e - I have not been well, and just got out of the hospital with at least month of convalescence to look forward to.
I've actually had a bit of a think about this over the last half year or so.A bit of background - I've recently come back from my honeymoon in Japan. Prior to that, I had maybe 2 or 3 prints. That number has doubled now. Like any decision worth making this will take a bit of time/effort on your part to answer. Well I think you need to answer 3 questions in sequence - what artist (if applicable), what subject matter (or matters), and your budget. If you are particularly...
Didn't realise there were ukiyo-e enthusiasts here. Wonder if anyone is interested in shin hanga as well? The Sumida Hokusai museum is nice - small, but well done, in an interesting building. About a 500m walk from the nearest train station. Explanations in English above average when compared to the rest of Japan, though don't expect the special exhibitions (as opposed to the permanent exhibitions) to have any explanations (let alone titles) in English. Shame the Ota...
That's very very expensive.To put it into perspective - I was just transiting in Singapore and altered some clothes while I was there.$2-4 SGD (~3AUD) to hem trousers, $12-15SGD to narrow a trouser from the inside seam (~12AUD). Everything came out perfect. Went to a small suburban seamstress though, not someplace in the city centre.Strongly recommend you get yourself to an ethnic minority tailor (e.g Vietnamese in the suburbs) for simple alterations like these.
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