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I was wondering who makes the socks for Paul Smith. They say made in italy, but that is it. Also, I noticed there is a stiched line on the back and bottom of the sock, why is this? I have never seen it on another sock before. Thanks.
This was posted by Glenn O'Brien: Q: What's the deal with shoulder pads in suits? I am five feet nine, 155 pounds, and I wear a 40-regular jacket. Should I have the tailor remove the pads, or can he insert smaller ones? A: I have actually attempted sartorial shoulder surgery, and I'm sorry to say that I believe the prognosis for shoulder-pad reduction is not good. Suits and sport coats are built around the shoulders, and this structure is essential to the fit of the...
Thank you very much for the information guys, it is much appreciated.
I just purchased a Vestimenta suit that was on sale from $2250 for $1700 CDN. I was wondering if some people could give me some comments on there quality. Thanks!
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