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Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Do you have a favorite brand/designer of ties? I do.
I think those printed Arnys tie's are hideous and not even worth $5, let alone $165.
I think 2" heels are too much, whether they are Cuban or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Classic Bresch. I was wondering when Manton would attack Bresch's thread.
...I would buy everything made of tortoiseshell!! No wait, that's LK.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe That is C&J's "Mail Order & Retail Catalogue 2008-2009". It is not a trade catalogue. I presume, all retailers will get it, to distribute to customers. Otherwise get in touch with C&J, Royal Exchange branch (from where they deal with mail orders). Thanks Bengal.
Hi Bengal, this wouldn't be the catalogue Plal gets is it? Or is this one of the "other" C&J catalogues?
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme April in Paris men's wallet in red crocodile... When I talked to Bea, I believed she mentioned that she does not use crocodile, only alligator.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I only wish my meager photography skills could do these belts justice... First up is the NWT Luigi Borrelli Alligator belt. It is marked size 85/100. I'd say it would best suit someone who wears size 29-31 pants. I am a size 32 and the belt comfortably closes in the last hole. The belt is made in Italy. I do not own an alligator belt but I have seen many and this one has the absolute nicest skin I've...
Wow, those are...very loud.
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