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Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe That is C&J's "Mail Order & Retail Catalogue 2008-2009". It is not a trade catalogue. I presume, all retailers will get it, to distribute to customers. Otherwise get in touch with C&J, Royal Exchange branch (from where they deal with mail orders). Thanks Bengal.
Hi Bengal, this wouldn't be the catalogue Plal gets is it? Or is this one of the "other" C&J catalogues?
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme April in Paris men's wallet in red crocodile... When I talked to Bea, I believed she mentioned that she does not use crocodile, only alligator.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I only wish my meager photography skills could do these belts justice... First up is the NWT Luigi Borrelli Alligator belt. It is marked size 85/100. I'd say it would best suit someone who wears size 29-31 pants. I am a size 32 and the belt comfortably closes in the last hole. The belt is made in Italy. I do not own an alligator belt but I have seen many and this one has the absolute nicest skin I've...
Wow, those are...very loud.
I had a couple of pairs of double pleated trousers made by Ambrosi, which I am very happy with. My only question is that the pleats open slightly and I remember reading in Flussers book that the first and large pleat should not open on proper fitting trousers. To be honest, I think that the trousers made for me fit perfectly and thought maybe that the issue with the first pleat is that it is very shallow and that's why it opens. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? ...
Olch fits the bill: http://www.olch.com/modulardisplay.php?catid=1
I really liked that Band of Outsiders corduroy suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Sorry, I have just come to associate you with a cat, not the evil dead. They kind of seem like opposites.
Where's the cat?
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