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This has now been sold, thanks everyone for your interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I wonder at the wisdom of starting this in this kind of economy. I was wondering the samething.
I really like those barrel sting ray cuff links.
Hey PG, do you have a photo of that nice brown and blue Gallo? My brother will be in Rome and I would like him to bring me one. Many thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by vesses price drop H&B tie $60 shipped Is this tie new?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Do you have a favorite brand/designer of ties? I do.
I think those printed Arnys tie's are hideous and not even worth $5, let alone $165.
I think 2" heels are too much, whether they are Cuban or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Classic Bresch. I was wondering when Manton would attack Bresch's thread.
...I would buy everything made of tortoiseshell!! No wait, that's LK.
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