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I too would definitely be interested in a 100% silk scarf if I could see a picture.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jaredg Hey Torontonians; Pocket squares 175 CDN. Are you sure they are that much? According to the Hermes website, they are only 120 USD: Did you mean 75 CDN?
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano You guys ruined a perfectly good thread. way to go. This thread was never good.
Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall I have. They came Royal Mail with the full value declared on the import slip. As a testament to the random behaviour of the CCRA, they escaped both duty and tax. If the package comes through Canada Post, than you rarely, if ever pay duties. I know that the Royal Mail uses Canada Post when the packages gets to our border, so this may explain why duties weren't levied by the CCRA.
I believe the black is the older of the two, while the white is the newer label.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey This is a great thread. I am completely new to dressing, so I have several questions. I tried to search for answers, but couldn't figure out how, so here goes: 1) Many people seem to like AE, others Alden. Which is better? 2) What should I wear to a funeral. Do I need to buy a black tie? 3) What should I wear to a wedding next week? 4) Is a black suit OK for business wear? 5) Can I wear button down...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria - B I can't tell if they are hugging or fighting.
Doesn't this guys shoes fall off with no laces? How do people come up with some of this suff?
Who would win in a fight, mafoo or iammatt?
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