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Just out of curiosity, what was the retail on these and where were they made?
Is that a pull on the BF tie in the bottom right hand corner?
If this were a lighter shade of navy, I would have already bought it.
Quote: Originally Posted by christoschicago I'm confused, you want $1655 for a coat that is $760 at the store new? Is that a misprint, or am I missing something? He is just teasing. It's his way of saying welcome to the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 What now? Bro, he is referring to the great Connie Attolini pink tie thread. Do a search and you'll learn what a real douche bag is.
Quote: Originally Posted by bowtielover Actually no, the look too much to me like womens jewelry then mens cuff links. I am also not a big fan of the chain links, I like the kind that fold over or peg closed. Sissy
No BB1's eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo C5 tomorrow night with family. Pub run with the work mates on Friday at lunch (Elephant and Castle on Gerrard) and hopefully something worthwhile for Friday evening! Have you been to C5 before? I'm a ROM member, and went when the Crystal first opened for lunch. I thought it was quite good.
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo Noooothing is ever good with Summerlicious. Well, I've never had anything good. I actually try to avoid restaurants when they run these promotions. I did stumble into one establishment once and the server's eyes lit up when I said I'd order a la carte! I completely agree with you there, as I have had two terrible experiences with Winterlicious/Summerlicious. You can't get the true essence/taste of a...
Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Had a fantastic meal at Canoe last night. Much better than last year's excellent offering. I'd rate it as one of the best meals I've had. Was it the Summerlicious menu?
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