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Quote: Originally Posted by kirbya The next big project that we'll be undertaking...linen dust covers (which would just cover the shoulders of a jacket). If you gentlemen would like to have your wishes incorporated into our product development, please suggest them now! It should be a very exciting addition, as we continue to seek create the best garment care indulgences available. Are you still doing the linen dust covers?
Sent a couple PM's, but haven't heard back. What's up?
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi 1? Any chance you can post measurements please?
I wear a BB1 in BBBF, so what would I be in TB?
Just received my linen squares and I love them. IMHO, they are a steal at $16, many thanks!
Just out of curiosity, what was the retail on these and where were they made?
Is that a pull on the BF tie in the bottom right hand corner?
If this were a lighter shade of navy, I would have already bought it.
Quote: Originally Posted by christoschicago I'm confused, you want $1655 for a coat that is $760 at the store new? Is that a misprint, or am I missing something? He is just teasing. It's his way of saying welcome to the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 What now? Bro, he is referring to the great Connie Attolini pink tie thread. Do a search and you'll learn what a real douche bag is.
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