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Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Ok this is seriously getting off topic. We are going to a soccer/football match, visiting northhampton (what do you expect from a bunch of married dudes who want to stay married). There have been some very helpful posts for far, so for those thank you. The other posts, just stick to DT please. Just trying to rid the thread of the homophobes bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Lulz at cleanshaven internet tough guys sucker punching people while walking to a Northampton shoe store on a Bachelor Party... You guys should go to Newquay. The Belushi's there is right up your alley. K You have now achieved status of SF Douche; 3700+ posts and not one of them useful. You're moma must be proud.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt no you wouldn't. But you'd talk on the internet about it. Just sayin. Oops, seems I touched a sensitive chord in your vagina. Please accept my sincere apology.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt 1. seemingly above one of your IRL friends has conceded that you really have made this sound pretty gay, so...here's your chance.... 2. what will you do for the other four days? 3. I really should organise these things for a living. You're the kind of guy I'd sucker puch on the street. Just sayin.
PM sent
Is the ostrich full quill on both sides?
Are they working button holes?
If only it was a medium. Very nice!
Like the second pair of Lidfort, PM sent!
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