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That's interesting to known, thanks. I imagine that there is much information to glean from a test shoe, so I wonder why more don't do it.Thanks, I'm really looking forward to my completed pair! Many thanks too for the link posted above.
Do none of the European makers create a trial shoe to take home?Thank you!I hope you will share your impressions when the trial shoes arrive!Both the Marquess round and the square are beautiful.
Thanks for the kind words bengal-stripe. Yes, I can see this being very addictive!
I didn’t want to post anything until I finally finished reading this entire thread (over 3 weeks!). While in Japan, I bought the newest issue of Last (vol. 6) magazine. Previous to buying it, I gave zero consideration to buying any shoes in Japan, remembering from my last visit how much more expensive shoes were here. I was really impressed by all the brands, but especially by the bespoke makers. The two that I instantly fell in love with were Marquess and Fukuda. ...
Thanks for that! May I ask which EG last it is where you are a 9.5UK/10US?
Thanks for your responses so far everyone.Size up from my UK or my US sizing?
I am wondering what my sizing would be for Corthay Arca's. I wear a UK 8/8.5E in EG (888\82) and Steve of Leffot mentioned that would be a US8.5 in the Arca. Just wanted to see other proples experience, thanks.
OK, just so my above post looks more like the rest here, I should add: Labelking receives a negative star. Undetermined if he is dishonest, but he is definitely not a good seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek What happened? :roma: I bought a NOS (new old stock) Ballantyne sweater with tags attached from Labelking in December. What I got was a heavily used sweater with over a dozen stains and much pilling and it appeared to have been washed. I PM'd him and he offered a part refund for me to keep it or a full return and refund. I sent it back in early Feb and contacted him in March because I didn't hear back...
Seeing as mods have deleted my thread without notice, I'll just post here that Labelking is a terrible seller. Don't feel like going and explaining everything again. Hopefully he comes through and contacts me.
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