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Thanks. Yes, my first fitting was with Luca, Mariano and Chiara. The second was with Luca alone. There was no cutter present, but Luca did take a lot of photos and marked up my jacket where necessary. Final fitting in Milan was with the GM Vincenzo and the head tailor. When I first put the jacket on in Milan, I was disappointed, because it was very loose fitting around the waist, almost like a sack suit. But even at this point, the shoulders and the sleeve pitch were...
I asked for their house style with a lot of drape. I had two fittings in NY and the final one in Milan, so you were close.
Thanks, the cloth is a Thornproof tweed from Porter & Harding, 560 gms/20 oz.
Thanks.Its camera angle, as the jacket sits below both thumbs. I agree with the shirt comment, but the trousers I was wearing have a very low rise.
Yeah, why? The jacket is not even close to being tight.
I thought I would post my first commission here. Overall, I'm very happy with the coat, I only wish there was a tad more waist suppression and to smooth out that area. Just for the record, I didn't do an iGent pose, just put the jacket on and buttoned it before going out, so that probably explains a little bit of the sloppy look. Also, was a nasty, cold day, so I lightened up the photo a wee bit. Lets see if the Rubi experts can figure out which store I got this made...
That's interesting to known, thanks. I imagine that there is much information to glean from a test shoe, so I wonder why more don't do it.Thanks, I'm really looking forward to my completed pair! Many thanks too for the link posted above.
Do none of the European makers create a trial shoe to take home?Thank you!I hope you will share your impressions when the trial shoes arrive!Both the Marquess round and the square are beautiful.
Thanks for the kind words bengal-stripe. Yes, I can see this being very addictive!
I didn’t want to post anything until I finally finished reading this entire thread (over 3 weeks!). While in Japan, I bought the newest issue of Last (vol. 6) magazine. Previous to buying it, I gave zero consideration to buying any shoes in Japan, remembering from my last visit how much more expensive shoes were here. I was really impressed by all the brands, but especially by the bespoke makers. The two that I instantly fell in love with were Marquess and Fukuda. ...
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