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So if I may ask, what were the approximate amounts that people paid for the Forum Special model? I've checked a few places and they seem to range from $450 USD to $515 USD or so. I believe I purchased my comfort craftsman a few years ago for the high 200's or low 300's. I'm assuming the "forum special" model is just a more expensive configuration, but I wanted to make sure and to see a ballpark of what others paid. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by schanop Owning both Rochester and Woodlore boot tree, I prefer Rochester one for Craftman(B543) boots and Woodlore one for Turn out(B529) boots. Myself, I probably will get Woodlore one for a new order of Macquarie(B555). I don't mean to bring up back this old of a thread, but I have been searching around at Rochester's and don't know which to buy for the Comfort Craftsman(B543). Rochester seems to have a few...
Hi all, I'm looking around for a pair of chelsea boots around $250 (+/- $50) and looking for any recommendations. I really like the way these look: http://zapp.me/7457999, but wasn't sure about the build quality and they don't have my size in stock. I'm also open to a decent pair that may not be exactly similar, and I'm looking for something that can easily go between jeans or dress pants. Any ideas/opinions/recommendations are welcome. Thanks! --upen
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Old pics Hey RFX, Sorry if I missed it, but what's the first pair in this pic? Thanks! --upen
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going to check out some Zegna stuff then and see if I can track it down. I've been looking at similar ones around but I can't seem to find that color - everything I've seen is mostly a good amount darker than the one in the picture. Thanks again! --upen
Hi all, I am wondering if anyone happens to know what coat this is. It's worn by Hayden Christensen in the movie Jumpers. Here's a pic: Thanks! --upen
Quote: Originally Posted by jchosko i fit a 40 off the rack about how you describe fitting a 38, and generally wear a 42, and my schott pea coat is a 40 and fits quite well. hope this helps. Thanks for the reply. Hmm, ok, I may just go ahead and try a 38 for now.
Hi all, I am wanting to get a Schott's peacoat, and a relative found some in a store which is out-of-state for me, so I'm trying to get the sizing right. I know others have said to drop down a size (e.g. get a 36 if you wear a 38) in order to get more of a slim fit out of these, which is what I want. My chest measures about 38.25" when slightly inhaling, and I went and tried on sports coats and the 38's were a little bit tight in the underarms I think as I could tell it...
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Try on some Ralph Lauren Black Label. If you add your location to your profile, we might be able to suggest places to find. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check that out later today. I updated my profile with my location. I'm in Huntsville, AL which is about 1.5 hours from Nashville and Birmingham and I think about 2.5-3 hours from Atlanta. Quote: Originally Posted by kaxixi You...
Hi all, I am looking around at getting my first sportcoat for casual wear and probably for the office sometimes. I'd like something that I can wear with jeans and also something that can be thrown on with some slacks and a semi-dress shirt to wear to work. I may end up buying a couple of jackets, it just depends on what I find. So my question - can anyone recommend or point me in the direction of some brands/"models"/sites that have nice, modern fit jackets? I...
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