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It feels like the same material that at least one of my others is, but the length on the others did not shrink nearly this much
Why does the grey polo fit differently from all the others? I have 7 other colors that all have the same fit, but the grey one in the same size is way too short after it shrunk in the wash. Is this common?
Are those pictures an accurate representation of the color? is that #8 a lot redder than "normal" #8?
Jon Taffer of "Bar Rescue"?http://www.foodrepublic.com/2016/03/31/what-does-tvs-jon-taffer-really-know-about-bar-science/
black label is so good
One of these laces snapped this morning. Where can I find laces like these? Just check Amazon?
I'm selling a pair of Barton Perreira Odyssey sunglasses Silver frame with Whiskey Polarized lens. These were purchased at an authorized dealer (Eye Gallery of Scarsdale) These glasses retailed for over $400. I will ship anywhere in the US, or you can do local pickup in NYC.
I sent them back already. no pictures, sorry
Derby owners: do you find that they fit differently than boots on the same last? My grey calf derbies are definitely narrower. I'm wondering if it'll be the same with other derbies
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