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Like every store in Manhattan?A store by my apt has a 1L of weller special reserve on the top shelf for over $150.
how do you like the 220 pro? I have a 200
how do the corduroy officer's chinos fit compared to the regular, non-corduroy officer's chinos?
I have an unworn pair of Kent Wang suit trousers for sale. These are the standard charcoal trousers that pair with their charcoal jacket. The price on these is $175 new. I'm looking for $75. http://www.kentwang.com/suits/charcoal-trousers.html The tagged size is 32, and they've been hemmed to a 32 inch inseam, but never worn. They sat in my closet because I really should have bought a size 33, but Kent Wang only offered a 32 and 34. Now that they offer a 33, these ones...
It feels like the same material that at least one of my others is, but the length on the others did not shrink nearly this much
Why does the grey polo fit differently from all the others? I have 7 other colors that all have the same fit, but the grey one in the same size is way too short after it shrunk in the wash. Is this common?
Are those pictures an accurate representation of the color? is that #8 a lot redder than "normal" #8?
Jon Taffer of "Bar Rescue"?http://www.foodrepublic.com/2016/03/31/what-does-tvs-jon-taffer-really-know-about-bar-science/
black label is so good
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