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anyone have real life pictures of the tan horsehide derby shoes on viberg.com now?
anyone order the bison service boots?
can't decide what to get. grey calf or beige calf? derby or service boot?
anyone have any real world pictures of the beige calf service boot?
I would have grabbed a pair, but the color looks very similar to my alden ravello PTB, so I hesitated...
love this anyone had the 382?
sold, sorry
Their "Midwinter Night's Dram" is Rendezvous finished in port casks and is worth a try if you can find it
see my post 5 posts up
I would demo a Devialet if you can.I'm currently running a Devialet 200 with Wilson Duette speakers and the sound is very good. I was previously running Pass Labs XA-60.8 with Von Schweikert Unifield 3 speakers, and I think the Devialet is pretty damn nice. I LOVED the pass amps and my old system, but I'm not missing it. The Devialet is really impressive
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