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Selling my hatch Grain jumpers if anyone is interested any update on the Vass double monks?
medium indigo henley already sold out? damn
I went to the West Broadway store yesterday and the prices are significantly lower than online. Might have to go back and pick some stuff up
lack of laces has stopped me from wearing them
not tight at all. the hooks are so sharp they shave the laces down just pulling on them to tighten a little
wore the hatch grain jumpers again on friday and ripped another lace. I pretty much need a new lace every other wear
Helps a lot, thanks. I'm a 32 or 32 in the non rigid officers chinos. I wonder what size to get...
I am an 11E in the Barrie and Trubalance, and I have the snuff chukka in an 11.5E leydon
anyone have the rigid officer's field chino in Natural? thoughts on them?
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