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edit: Quoddy sent me a 12EE and they fit correctly
http://www.jackspade.com/waxwear-soft-duffle/NYRU0006.html?pid=NYRU0006 I'm selling my Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle. I bought it a few years ago and have only used it around 10 times or so. It's just taking up space under my bed, so I might as well give it a new home. Retailed for $500 at the time. Looking for $150 If you're in NYC, we could just meet up in person if that's easier
can anyone help?(please? )
Maliseet question: I had a pair of 11D that ripped in the heel in 2012. I sent them back to quoddy in late 2012, and they offered to replace them. I asked for an 11E (wider) in the new pair. The new 11E pair arrived almost 1 size shorter in length than the older 11D pair. I then exchanged those for a 12E an they fit like the old size 11s from before 2012. Is the current Maliseet sizing the "old" size that was a little larger, or the "new" sizing that seems to be...
$567 - 30% off retail
I haven't picked them up yet. Can anyone at Epaulet show some pics to see how these things turned out?
I have a pair of the Vass museum double monks on order in EUR 44.5 / US 11.5. Since the preorder over a year ago, I've gotten married and a few things have changed. I might be looking to hand my spot off to someone else and use the cash elsewhere. Anyone interested? I'd sell you my brand new, unworn pair and you'd get the 30% discount from the original price that we got because they were delayed. I'd basically pick them up from Epaulet (I'm in NYC) and then immediately...
anyone have real life pictures of the matte black derby?
sorry, missed this Forest Last
got the olive herringbone officer chinos. Recommendation here was that they are sized as tagged, so a 32 is actually 32 inches. I wear a 31 or 32 in the "regular" officer chinos. I ordered a 32 and 33 in the olive herringbone. Both are too large.
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