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Accuphase is REALLY good stuff and is very highly valued here in NYC
It's ok, but overpriced. Alberta Rye is the same and cheaper
I got it last January and it was warm enough for the NYC winter in Jan and Feb and has held up this year. I usually just wear a polo under it, too. So yeah, it's pretty warm. I have the Copenhagen Trench that I got from Nordstrom for 50% off almost exactly 1 year ago
I got a Nau down trench last year for 50% off that has served me very well in NYC.
150 in NYC
laces broke on my snuff suede longwings. where's my best bet for a replacement online?
I'm selling my Viberg Chukkas in Midnight Reverse Kudu. 2030 last Size 11 Dainite Sole new were $670 These have been worn less than 20 times will ship to US or do local pickup in NYC
I think I might be selling my Midnight Reverse Kudu Chukka (size 11) if anyone's interested. Will probably put up a post later today or tomorrow unless someone here wants them before I do that
how does the 2050 fit?
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