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anyone have real life pictures of the matte black derby?
sorry, missed this Forest Last
got the olive herringbone officer chinos. Recommendation here was that they are sized as tagged, so a 32 is actually 32 inches. I wear a 31 or 32 in the "regular" officer chinos. I ordered a 32 and 33 in the olive herringbone. Both are too large.
does the herringbone officer's chino pant (olive) fit the same as the "regular" officer's field chino (the one that comes in gurka or military khaki)?
Selling my hatch Grain jumpers if anyone is interested any update on the Vass double monks?
medium indigo henley already sold out? damn
I went to the West Broadway store yesterday and the prices are significantly lower than online. Might have to go back and pick some stuff up
lack of laces has stopped me from wearing them
not tight at all. the hooks are so sharp they shave the laces down just pulling on them to tighten a little
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