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You guys are awesome... So let me rephrase. Where's the best place to buy for ~$500?
I am stupid impressed with the fast responses... Much better than doing coursework! Okay, I'm sold - buy a tux. Now the key question - can I spend $300 and look like I spent $1000? Any recommended online retailers (Jos A. Bank appears to be good value to me). I suppose I should check out Filene's Basement since I'm in Boston. Any other thoughts?
Hi everybody - hope to become a long time contributor here. Let me start with a question. I'm in my late 20s, in my first year of my MBA, and have to face renting or buying a tux for the rest of my life. At school over the next two years, there's 3 occasions where I must wear a tuxedo (I have a black suit for dress-up, but since everyone else is wearing a tux, I should as well)... However, there are likely 2-4 more reasons to wear one over school, not to mention 1-2...
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