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I can get a 32gb on the Apple Store for $399 today. I'll give you $300 if you're interested
PM about 11
As a former management consultant travelling ~150,000 miles / year, a 20" TravelPro rollaboard for the usual Monday-Thursday jaunt. For weekend, this Samsonite Black Label duffel
At my former employer, we spent 2 days on Myers Briggs... The first day learning about ourselves, and the second day learning about understanding all the types, and how to work with people of a certain type. Personally, I'm an ENFJ
Cetaphil wasn't gentle for my precious face. Johnson & Johnson PURPOSE face wash is the only thing that works for me. Love it!
I was only allowed to bring 6 ties with me to business school...
If you want admissions advice, try ...
It's like showing up at GM in a Toyota... Bringing an HP laptop to Dell... Wearing FootJoy golf shoes to a Nike golf tournament... Don't do it! Plain manila file folder should do
Quote: Originally Posted by athletics Do you know if they are taking more people because of the increase? Is it harder for some students to get funding or loans? I have heard the top tier programs aren't having as much trouble as the mid and lower tier schools. I am curious to see how its going at HBS. - Doubtful they'll take more people... Where will they put them? - Funding commitments for this year are honoured... Next year, it will...
I'm in my first year of an MBA at HBS. Next year's apps are up ~25%
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