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Really really happy customer of Kevin's. Quite progressive fabric and the way he thinks about bespoke hip customisations is compelling.
I've spent 20 minutes looking at all the shoe care forums, and since I'm a dumb ivy league MBA'er, I need things spelled out for me (frequency, purpose, and products). Appreciate your help telling me where I'm good, or where I'm not. In return for your dragon wisdom, I'll update this top post to make this thread relevant. Mandatory steps Shoe Trees - After every use - Keeps insides of shoes dry, which prolongs the life. - Shoe trees are pretty standard, so no...
Don't forget to eat alot!
I'm all about intervals too (run 1 1/2, at 1h41m, with my longest run at 1h20m before that), and all about heart rate measurement as well Once a week, go for a long, slow (heart rate < 140 bpm) run. ~3-4 weeks before, you want to do that for 1h50m At least once a week, get on your treadmill: ~7mph, 7% incline, and strap it on for 1m30s - 2m00 (your HR should be 170-190bpm, the higher the better). Then jog until your HR gets to ~130 (the quicker it does it, the...
I use supplementscanada.com with no issue
Quote: Originally Posted by andyliu52 lose two inches in your chest, will make your life easier when buying a suit. sure you could alter the pants but thats a pain, and more likely than not the sleeves on a 40R will be to long for you...at least in my experience (i use to be 5 10, 40 chest, 30 waist, now 38 chest life is easier) LOL you're telling him to be an anorexic model
I get it cut every 3-5 weeks. If it's towards 5 weeks I'm really shaggy.. I should go every 3 weeks but I just don't have time
Sit down in Eau Claire at lunch and oggle lululemon women running... Cowboys is best on Thursday nights - work there 6 months, get free boobs (don't know if Vicars still has that policy)
500mb is enough on a BB
I can get a 32gb on the Apple Store for $399 today. I'll give you $300 if you're interested
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