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Thanks everyone for the awesome and helpful advice! Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford jjw - Another important thing to bear in mind is that, living here in Phoenix, do not pay full-price for Allen Edmond's shoes. Go to Last Chance at Camelback and 20th Street and you can buy AE's for $49.99 a pair. Thanks for the tip! I ran by there (it's kinda crazy in there ) and found several almost new AE shoes, but none were in my size...
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply I would want to wear them with jeans. Would the park avenues work with khakis, dress pants, and a suit though?
Hi, I'm 24yro working in an engineering office environment in Scottsdale AZ. The typical work environment is casual (a third in jeans, a third in khakis and polos, and a third a little nicer in dress pants and shirts). I usually dress in the khaki and dress pants group and was hoping for a pair of shoes that would work with both of these groups, and perhaps a suit too. Comfort is very important since I would be wearing them at least 8-9hrs/day. So to...
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