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also, found an extremely soft 44 Camel hair light plaid jacket. Please PM if interested, it's not the season so I'm sure it'll be there for a bit. Does anyone know some of the more well known names of hong kong tailors, I found a complete suit made by a custom tailor in hong kong, appeared to be in wonderful condition.
What do you guys do to clean up any stains on ties? I found some brooks brothers and some knit ties, a few of them have small stains. also, I found a canali tie!! I found these brand names earlier in the thread :Lorenzini, Barbera, Kiton, Borrelli, Canali, Brioni, Bizzochi, Zegna Are there other names you look for? I am trying to put together a professional wardrobe and I have a little taste and a lot to learn. Thanks for any help
Found a 50R Hickey Freeman jacket today. navy blue with a light patterning. If anyone in that size is interested, I will go back and pick it up. Also, I am a 39-40R for any future trades.
You could hop one store down and go to TJMaxx as well
Thanks everybody. I'm going to get the suit.
I know this is not high class, but I found an off white/ very light grey/bluish suit that I am thinking about buying. I found it at dillard's the jacket fits well and the seamstress there told me she could alter the sleeve length for me. First, would this be an alright buy? The suit is 50% off and I really need something for summer engagements. Also, is it okay to go with the store alterations department? Thanks for any help everyone.
Yes, I believe it was. Sorry, I'm showing my gf. I have a wedding to go to, and I was wanting to show her what I was wanting to wear, or at least what I'm wanting to base it off of
Guys, I need help finding a picture on here with the guy who wore the khaki suit with the purple shirt and dark tie to a wedding. He had a women on both sides. It was a really nice look. Any help please??
This is why bodybuilders should be flogged, they make people like beasty believe that with hard work, anyone can be Mr. O Coleman and the rest that compete are juiced to the rim. Your logic and reasoning need some serious work beasty
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