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So, I'm sitting here, putting in some applications to some biotech/pharmaceutical companies and I realize that I am not happy with my chosen path. I went into science thinking that things would work out. I have one year of master's classes under my belt, but I am looking to possibly move into a different sector. I enjoyed my math courses (up through Calc II) and although I often made fun of business majors (not a mean way, a poking fun) I'm curious if I should do...
now where is the english version of all that? Great job
Back row: Brooks Brothers, E. Zegna, William Cheng & Sons, Brooks brothers, Polo RL Front Row: Gitman Bros, Christian Dior Those are the shirts I found that are keepers Assortment of ties, including Dior, Brooks brothers, aquascutum, Talbott and various other makers
I posted the zegna shirts in the trader's thread
and now the zegnas, these are in the 17.5, size 44, XL category
now.. hickey freeman tagged as a 50 sorry the floor looks so dirty, I swear it's the lighting
Next, hickey-freeman 42/44 probably closer to 42.
Okay, zegna short sleeve with a sort of floral stitching. Looks brand new. Size XL
First up for trade is a white, flowery printed zegna size XL How do I post pics, jeez. All of my files are too large. How should I size them down?
I found A LOT of stuff to day. 17 zegna shirts, 2 hickey freeman jackets, talbott, dior, brooks brothers, franzini?, a few knit and an aquascutum tie. A couple brooks brothers shirts and a william cheng tie. Oh, and an Evan-picone herringbone jacket that fits me extremely well. Is Evan-picone a recognizable name brand? I felt it and it appears to have been canvassed, but perhaps I don't know anything.
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