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I'll take them
I hope this new site brings more business to you, I absolutely love your ties, but I want to see more. (you have sealed my sale with the new site)
Just to make sure I understand this, you put up a suit, then you take the highest bidder? And I want to make sure I have this correctly, someone offered to pay you $300 for the suit for no reason? Or you told them that someone beat them and then they offered to outbid? ok, carry on. I respectfully pull my hand out of the lot
Looks like a very good tailor! Hopefully I can find a reason to go there and purchase a new wardrobe! Do you get your dress shirts from them as well?
#1 sounds interesting!
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl when manton bites... priceless as long as he doesn't leave teethmarks is he not a fan of teh suede shoe? Or is it that i asked for a price publicly? I'm confused
Hey guys, I am so glad everyone introduced me to the joy of thrifting. This week so far, I found a perfect blue french cuff ike behar shirt, a Hickey freeman light blue sport coat, and polo plaid shirt with elbow pads, and I went to banana republic and picked up 8 pair of socks that I saw listed on here. tomorrow is another day! edit**** today was good. Found a nice white herringbone shirt, a pair of brown captoes and some awesome baby blue cords.
How much are these shoes? I sure could use some nice suedes!!!
Great work. I wish there were videos that showed excruciating detail on every step invovled, then maybe I would be willing to try something like this. You are certainly progressing. Let me know when you want to try and make practice pairs before going public!
We'll see where all of this takes me. I have sent out my resume, and I'm hoping to get a call back. Thanks to everyone for responding to a thread like this
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