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I appreciate the advice I don't want to ever look like I am trying too hard, I may just cut out the vest and do the suit, not sure.
what does the angry guy mean?
the idea was to do it without a jacket in my mind it looks good, now i'm questioning that approach... I kept thinking a red gingham shirt, black pants, black tie and grey vest would look dressed up enough for New Year's but dressed down enough that I won't mind going to the bars and dancing around... I could always cut out the vest and replace with a sweater or just shirt and tie, but my plans for new year's should not include a jacket... hmmm thanks for...
I am looking for a nice grey vest to pair with black pants and a black tie for New Year's, can anyone suggest some internet stores where I can find one? I looked on J. Crew and they had what I wanted, but it is not expected to ship until February. I would like to wear this sooner... Any suggestions?
pm'd on pants
PM sent, nice deal
No PM, but I am interested, would love to see them
How does everyone order from Uniqlo if not in New York or Japan. I am wanting to try some of their clothing.
how long are these?
Parker or Doc, when you measure your foot how long and wide are they? I think I may be a size smaller than you.
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