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Hey folks. Can anyone ID this W+H jacket? Im not sure but I think its Wings+Horns/Heritage Research, but I cant find out what this model is: Thanks in advance
Sizing question incoming I am about to buy the pima cotton pocket sweater from SS11. I am mainly a medium in both Gitman and Uniqlo shirts. I looked at the measurement on the website, but some people say they stretch quite a lot. I am about to get the size large. Would that be to big for me, and should i aim for size medium instead?
Thanks all. I sucked it up and took some proper measurement, and I have sent an email.
I already looked at that, and as I dont own any jacket that fits like a leather should, and my other ones being intended for winter I went with this logic:Gitman Bros shirt size M:pit-pit 41.7Shoulder 18.5to me it looks quite close to ToJ 50, but I am not sure taking account for layering. What makes you think i would be swimming it a 50?
I am really lost when it comes to estimating my size. I own a leather jacket but its so small that I have no idea how much should be added to have it fit well. Would it be a fair assumption to say that a stock 50 fits correct if a Gitman shirt size M fits me perfectly?
Richard was very communicative and much more helpful than you could expect from a man who does this for free. Thank you very much.
Thanks. Its a shame theres no fit pics of it
Can someone comment on the fit of the Dry Easy Jacket?
I can't see this on their site. Can you link?
I read the url as hate towards Ronnel)
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