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Thank you!
Can anyone recommend a quality laundry in the Lincoln Center area where I can take shirts and not have them destroyed? Thank you.
I am in the area two to three times a year. How would you compare the tailoring of De Angelis and Jean Rotin in terms of style and quality? Are there other tailors in the area you have a high opinion of? I am getting married in the area next summer and I want to get a new suit for the occasion. I am in NY, and I'd prefer not to pay $5,000+ and Marseille might be a good option if the tailors are good - I liked the look of the De Angelis suit. How is his English? I...
Can you list his contact info and give an idea of his prices?: Thanks.
Can you say who the tailor is?
Thank you for the help.
I have a very nice black briefcase that does not close property unless the lock on it is locked. However, I don't want to carry the key on my key chain or retrieve it every time I go out. What I would like to do is to fasten the key to the handle of the briefcase a la a sac a depeche. Does anyone have a suggestion of someone in NY who could make a nice leather cord attachment for the briefcase? Alternatively, does anyone know her I can pick up some leather cord to...
Yes, I should have said up to 60%/75%. Usually the first two floors have a lag in the % discount relative to the third floor. I was hoping somebody knows how long that lag is and/or knows when the up to 75% will kick in on the first two floors.
The third floor of Bergdorf's has gone to 75% off. The first two floors are currently at 60% off. Does anyone have any info as to when they will go t 75%? Thanks
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