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Mishka just released a crewneck with a pic of Ian Curtis on the front... the quality is probaly not that great, but it's Ian Curtis! I don't know if you wanted cotton or not, it's 100% lambswool
Yes, I saw the sizing chart thank you. I was thinking more along the lines of personal experiences.
I like Nudie, except i'm getting the infamous crotch tear, I hope my monster head doesn't have a peek-a-boo one of these days. I prefer the fit to japanese repros. But the Iron Heart's i've seen that come out in February made me pre-cum a little. Does anyone have any experience with their button downs? How do they fit? Classic fit, roomy, slim?
If you burn Dior Homme denim you can hear the cries of superfuture members emerging from the ashes.
Really? Most pairs I see are for $50
I don't have experience with Theory's polo's but their button-downs are nice.
Cultpops gallery gets the
Quote: Originally Posted by haptronic .jp m65 velvetmen polo tsubi joey nike dunk high camo Fantastic contrast with the dunk highs, you look like a stylish guy that is about to break into that house. If they were to do a stylish remake "Last House on the Left" you'd definitely be prime candidate.
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