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Hi all, I'm looking to add some items to my wardrobe, and I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for these two items: 1) I really like these Oak Streets in navy suede with red brick sole. - Unfortunately I can't spend $300 on blue mocs. I just love everything about this shoe, especially the brick sole. 2) A shorter lightweight tan double-breasted trench coat. Like this one on Uniqlo's site, except that it's been sold out on Uniqlo for ages! I live in LA so...
Hey, I'm in college and have pretty much decided to ditch the sneaker. I wear jeans with everything and used to wear Onitsuka Tigers with them but I want to upgrade. I'm looking for recommendations for brown leather shoes that I can wear with my denim almost every day. I can't spend more than 150 on it, so what are some good quality shoes for around that price? Thanks!
Hey, After moving to Northern California, I've noticed that my fingers are falling off from the cold. I'm from Florida, so I'm not used to spending time in this colder weather. Does anyone have recommendations for gloves to wear in SF weather? I'm looking for something <$100, <$75 if possible. Is the weather here suitable for leather or should i try looking for another material? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant You look sunburned. Ironically, Seasons theory often seems to neglect the fact that coloring can change depending on the time of year. Anyway, based on your skin and hair color, you can wear nearly any solid color. Sunburned? That's the first time I got that. My skin is always like that, it seems. I did find another picture but it's many years old:...
I'm hoping I could get some color advice as well? I know I look good in whites (and lavender?), but that's about it. Thanks! EDIT: Okay, I guess I'm a winter. I guess my other question is, am i a silver or a gold person?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Palo Alto has some of the most perfectly agreeable weather in the US. Obviously it's one hell of a school, I was just too much of a snob to ever go out west. Everyone I know at Stanford is deliriously happy, and much like you, got into all the cardigan sweater vest institutions and chose to go out west for Stanford. Yeah. I grew up in South Florida, so even going to Palo Alto is freezing for me. Sometimes I'd...
I got into Yale, Princeton, and MIT, but ended up choosing Stanford. I love it here and can't imagine being anywhere else. If you have any questions about Stanford, feel free to ask.
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