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Need a girl who'd rock the shoulder hoody!
Two great pairs of EG trousers for the summer, neither see enough wear from me and I need to raise some funds for a move. Both purchased at Nepenthes NY, asking $60 for each pair, plus shipping from Toronto, Canada. Olive Reversed Sateen Painter Pant. These have been worn and washed, but remain in good condition. Straight, loose fitting pant with multiple pockets and loops and a button fly. Great Relaxed fit for the summer, and I would love to keep them but the waist is...
cp training boots? what are people's experience with them?
Son of a Stag.
whats the jacket?
Thanks Ian, am thinking of picking up the easy pants in grey.
How did you size them? Is it normal uniqlo sizing for trousers/jeans?
how do the easy pants fit?
want the easy trousers
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