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@reedo, tuesday nights at 9 invite some people over and stream the boiler room!
please post fit!
Just checked it out, looks like a fun project but not what I was hoping for. Really like the one kzo jacket I own.
anyone know if kzo are still making clothes?
really nice but not really liking the fit of the jeans.
Footwear is currently lacking, but these cost 400+
Selling a Barbour Down Explorer jacket in size medium (should fit a large too). Was worn last winter, shows signs of wear but it is in good condition (no rips, stains etc). The jacket is very warm and has a detachable hood. Beautiful, but just not getting enough wear to justify me keeping it. Virtually untouched since February of last year. Retailed for 350+, asking for 150+ shipping from Toronto. Feel free to message me with any questions. *I'll put up some pictures of...
420's or 1400's
dunlop green flash baby!
nice house mate
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