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gilded age offers quite a nice henley, saw one when I was in lark the other day https://www.lark.me/product.php?Full...sStripedHenley
shipping to canada? and how do rb 20s fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER Who makes henley shirts besides WCAGA? not familiar with wcaga, but aa, jcrew, gap and uniqlo all sell henleys
I've been looking for a cheaper alternative too but to no avail, seems like the Katahdins are the best option, let me know if you find anything.
whats the colour of the eg coat?
red wings still available?
vintage gloverall
Hey thanks for sending me one, but after taking a look at the conditions I saw that it's not valid for use in Canada. If I decline the invite is it possible for you to send it to someone else?
I have a reverse seam shirt, pm if interested!
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Any info on Leftfield jeans? They look pretty good. +1 Has anyone had any experience with them, they look really nice.
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