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zero cut jean? Anybody have a pair? How do they fit?
Damn that three piece he is wearing is so good.
birkenstock davos+woolly socks
photo from the summer came up on friends Q拍, miss my long hair. me, journal standard, journal standard, birks (novis) my lady, uniqlo, journal standard, timbs
habitant more info on your boots?
Riri and yak both make large range of zippers. Had problems with both kinds ha ha.Yasuzo Masamura's film adaption is up on youtube.
Something that would look decent with trousers as well as jeans. I've been looking at a pair of meermin chelseas in snuff suede.
real dopeness all of the time
yes not sold on it, hopefully can get a chance to try it on. It's filippa k, if anyone has any experience with her knits? I just remember getting some niceish trousers from them once.
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