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New cord irving courtesy of altr.
Anybody fancy this WWM Maine Guide in Bologna wool? Lovely jacket and can't seem to move it. Will take $100 plus shipping from a SF member. I will also have a lot of EG items up in the next few, painters pants, indigo dyed denim trousers, size m shirts and tunics.
deck jacket
@tween what's the necklace?
I'm going to be in NY for a conference first week of may. Anybody in for a Nepenthes pilgrimage?
@noob makes a good point, I have a lot of fabindia shirts and kurtas, they make some interesting popovers as well as kurtas. Work really well with EG stuff. I have an Egyptian gelabeya very similar to the eg tunic I'm wearing. xpost eg tunic
Quite partial to this eg one but a bit pricey for me.
Anybody go to the OL sample sale?
eg tunic
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