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SOLD : Hartt dress shoes. Made in Canada. I'm not sure what year these are from, but they appear to be fairly vintage. $49.95 + shipping
SOLD : This is an authentic, original pair of Dack's 'Uptown Collection' longwing shoes. They are a men's size 11 E and were made in Canada. I am not sure what year they are from, likely 1990's. Retailed at about $300 The shoes have been previously worn yet the upper leather sections are in great shape. The inner sole show some wear and the leather soles/heels also show some wear. They would look even better if taken in for a sole re-crafting. Any lighter areas in the...
FS: Salvatore Ferragamo 'Geneva' Loafer shoes in a size 12. Great condition! Virtually no wear on the soles. $115 + shipping If further info or photos are needed, send em a pm.
SOLD: Canali dress shoes, made in Italy. Size 11.5 & made in Italy. They were worn, and should use a repair/polish, etc.. I purchased these shoes with the intention of getting them recrafted/resoled, etc.. Never got around to it. If anyone's interested $45 + shipping. If there's any further info needed, just send me a pm.
FS: Canali striped dress shirt in a size 15 / 37. If more info or photos are needed, just send me a PM.
SOLD!! This is a Woolrich Elite Algerian Field Jacket in a size small. It actually fit's like a medium would. It is black in color and in practically mint condition. If any further info or photos are needed, just send me a PM. $49.95 + shipping I can have the package shipped out ASAP once the payment comes through.
SOLD This is an authentic pair of True Religion jeans which measure a 34x34. If anyone needs further photos or info, just send me a PM.
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SOLD: authentic original Atkinsons Poplin tie.. $23 + shipping
FS: Valentino green colored corduroy blazer jacket. It was made in Italy. The inner tag was removed, but I'm fairly sure this is a 42 regular, although might fit a 40 R. It is in practically mint condition. The jacket looks much better in person (these pics were taken with my cellphone) The color of the green is similar to that shown in the first photo, yet just slightly brighter.. Features: - Valentino engraved buttons - 3 button, button up front, when buttoned the...
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