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Does anyone know if Hermes makes ties of different widths, or are they all uniformly the same ? I somewhat recall some Hermes ties from previous years (mid 90s or earlier) were of a lesser width.. Can anyone offer some info? RP
Thought I'd list this Gucci tie I was selling here, perhaps no one has seen it yet http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...8457&rd=1&rd=1
Anyone know if Paul & Shark still make ties? I've hardly seen any lately, but have not gone to any NYC places that might have bigger Paul & Shark selections. Are there any websites out there that may have some? RP
John, I appreciate all the info you provided, thanks! I do own a few Versace ties, and you are correct, the construction is just average, nothing even remotely close to a 7-fold type.. Some of the patterns, are so far out there, they don't seem to go with much, but I have seen a few that although have busy/colorful graphics, are subtle enough that they actually look quite good with either a white or black shirt. I'd have to put certain Pancaldi ties in this category as...
Thanks for the info! Then, is the black label generally considered higher scale/more expensive than the white label or did they just come out at different times periods? Here's some pics for instance: White label: Black label:
I personally like Canali or Zegna suits, they seem to have a very nice fit, however if a guy has a physique that is different from the regular, a decent tailor job would have to be done.. Price also depends upon where you live. If you're in LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.. then there will be numerous places that carry a wide selections, and you'll generally find, that if you look around, there are deals to be had! There's also numerous online shops that will courier a suit to...
I've been looking at several Versace 'white label' and 'black label' ties on ebay, however do not really know alot about the history of when they started issuing them, or which ones are considered higher quality/price, etc.. Does anyone know when Versace first came out with the 'white label' ties? Was it in the late 1980's, or later? Any further info regarding the differences, or years would be great! RP
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe that is a sweet shirt! i can think of a half dozen ways to wear that. 16.5 34-35 is my shirt size as well. If you need any more pics, just let me know.. It's much nicer in person than most pics could display. Essentially it's mint, yet it's a size big on me, so hopefully someone can appreciate this fine work of art
Spoke to a friend of mine today who knows the Burberry line, and he mentioned that the shirt is most likely from the Burberry Prorsum collection.. Wish I could show more detail in the pics, it's of very fine quality! R
Any opinions at all?.. I'm guessing not too many people are fond of Sungs work..? I find it semi-decent, from the items I've seen.
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