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If you're lookign for something with a medium width, try Dior or Canali, they have quite a nice selection..
Anyone? Any insight? RPT
Is anyone here aware of the vintage Italian brand: Son & Man *Arbiter* All I know is that they are brand that existed in the past, perhaps prior to the 1960s.. I can't seem to find any info out there about them. Anyone have some insight? RT
If anyone has some decent priced Duchamp ties for sale, I'd be interested in purchasing 1 or more... RP
If you have the time, there's always decent price to be found on ebay, for Canali, and Zegna shirts (as well as various other brands) some even in the $20 range.. Check it out..
I've seen many pairs of Clarks Wallabees from the 1970's, which were made in Ireland, and use the 'CLARKS' logo written in the familiar Clarks style font. However, has anyone ever seen a pair of Wallabees from the 1960s when they were first produced? and if Clarks used the same style font back then? I don't think that they did, but I cannot find examples of the internet to show otherwise. I do recall seeing some Clarks shoes from the 1960s on ebay that had a...
Anyone here know if Jacques Fath ever made a wide selection of men's wear back in the 50s-70s ? There doesn't seem to be much out there about him when it comes to men's clothes. Ram
Anyone here familiar with ties by Arnys? They are out of France, and somewhat similiar to Hermes. I haven't seem too many of their ties on ebay or in shops.. Any thoughts/opinons on these ties? or how desirable they are? Only place I've seen them online is www.bensilver.com RP
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Some of the older ones are pretty skinny. It's something to watch out for, if buying on eBay. Good point, sometimes it's tough to tell the scale from a picture especially if the dimensions are not listed. I like the more regular width ones they have out now, it's fairly ideal. RP
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