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Selling these Ermenegildo Zegna suspenders. They were made in Italy. ** SOLD ** Absolutely excellent condition. Asking $29.95 + shipping. Shipping will be fairly low since the package will be light in weight. Can have the package shipped ASAP. If further info is needed, just send me a message.
Hugo Boss blazer jacker 40R - sold
This is a Hugo Boss green label v neck golf sweater Excellent condition! $60+ shipping SOLD
Two Brioni neck ties. Both made in Italy & 100% silk. Black: 3.75" inches at it's widest point Blue: approx 3.6" inches at it's widest point $35 each + shipping If any further info is needed, just send me a PM.
Armani Blazer jacket 38R - SOLD
Hugo Boss shirt - SOLD
Hugo Boss slim fit shirt - shirt
This is a Paul Smith shirt - SOLD
Duchamp London Tie - SOLD
Hi.. Just took a photo of the soles. Also, after looking at the size, it may be closer to a size US 10. That would be my estimation based on the fit.. If you need any more info, just let me know.
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