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Duchamp London Tie - SOLD
Hi.. Just took a photo of the soles. Also, after looking at the size, it may be closer to a size US 10. That would be my estimation based on the fit.. If you need any more info, just let me know.
Hugo Boss Jam/Sharp jacket in a men's size 44 - SOLD
This is a Prada black logo sweater. It features Prada printed on the front, back and both sleeve. Made in Italy & the material is 65% Wool, 35% Acrylic. There is no size listed, however it appears to be a men's size Large. Pre-worn yet still in decent condition to wear $40 CND + Shipping. If any further is needed, just send me a PM.
Hugo Boss Ties - SOLD
This is an Alexander McQueen McQ Blazer Coat/Jacket . It is labelled a men's size IT 52, which equates to a US men's 42. It features four outer pockets and has a 4 button front as well as an inner pocket. The back features a center vent. The material is 100% cotton. The buttons have the Alexander McQueen logo inscribed on them. The jacket is in practically mint condition. The measurements of the jacket are: Width (across the front chest): 21" inches Length (from the top...
This is an authentic vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Western check flannel shirt. It is listed as a size large however please see the measurements listed below for the exact dimensions. The material is 100% cotton. This shirt/design is from a few years ago and is no longer being made. The measurements of the shirt are: Width (across the front chest): 24" inches Length (from the top of the back collar to the back bottom hem): 32.25" inches Sleeve Length (cuff to collar...
This is an authentic original Hugo Boss Selection 'Lyle' model blazer jacket/sport coat. It is a men's size 40R and 100% cotton. It is a green in color and has two back vents as well as a two button front. The jacket is an absolutely excellent condition. All buttons are intact. On the back there is a very very small mark that is barely noticeable and really affects nothing. Features: - 2 button, button up front - 5 buttons on each sleeve cuff - two Side left and right...
New Posts  All Forums: