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1. Bose = plenty of better alternatives for the same money not to mention a good number for less, if your into small speakers Klipsch comes to mind as well as paradigm. 2. Louis Vuitton = every time I see someone with them I think status whore regardless of the actual quality 3. Ferregamo = why when you can get so many other choices 4. Armani = see above two responses 5. Blue Label = just finished a bottle which was a gift, 15 yr Mac Allan is better and less...
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg A little Omega Speedmaster love Simply Awesome should have never gotten rid of mine
Quote: Originally Posted by NOLA1 they grey really looks great with the lighter 904L steel This makes no sense, I have owned a few 904L Rolex pieces and a number of 316 based watches and there is no color difference whatsoever....on the older hollow bracelet models the bracelets were 316 and the heads 904.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Well if the Brannock is measuring the shoe instead of the foot, it does stand somewhat to reason that welted shoes are a little bigger at the sole than a trimmer Blake-stitched shoe, but the size of the "cavity" inside the shoe has absolutely nothing to do with the method of construction. It's like saying all brick houses are bigger than wood-framed houses. It's a meaningless statement. The size of the shoe has...
I believe they are referring to ones measurement on a brannock which they refer to as "true" size. They are stating that welted shoes are on average a half a size larger than one's real world measurement and thus when looking at these shoes it is their advice to consider a half size smaller than what you measure out at, didn't know if that was accurate when compared to people here buying.
Read this article and was wondering if it was true? haven't had enough experience to comment myself and was hoping those who buy welted construction shoes could weigh in. Thanks http://www.fittedshoe.com/SHOE_ARTICLES/fitting.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim The same can be said of Jos A Bank, IMO. But Banks can be cheap, and is most of the time....whereas Brooks on the whole is more expensive and has more "street cred" My votes go for the following: Hugo Boss Armani Ferragamo Louis Vuitton Tiffany Montblanc Rolex To a degree Brooks Brothers Expensive Johnston and Murphy (why bother) Cartier Breitling Coach Cole Haan
Quote: Originally Posted by Sean Archer I just ordered Kenmoors for US$159 from the outlet. Pretty cheap experiment in longwings. I just returned a pair of them, paid about 125 at the outlet....didn't like the fit of them but then again I have been having size issues due to my feet. Was at the retail store today and they had a pair which looked really sharp, almost like a basket weave pattern on the leather uppers...if I can find those in a...
Thanks all I think for my next pair of shoes I will consider aldens from what everyone is saying, however due to cost and availability I have been hesitant to try them. I actually visited the Allen Edmonds store today and was told by the sales associate who seemed rather knowledgable that I not only have flat feet but also a low instep as well as wide feet, he said that nothing which they offered would fit "perfectly", the first suggestion was to use tongue pads to...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats From the pics it seems that your pronate heavily ... Do you have flat feet? I second the recommendation for visiting moulded shoe. You should definitely be able to find atleast one Alden last that fits you. From what my podiatrist has told me in the past I have an extremely flat foot, she said it was something I was born with and suggested arch inserts.
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