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Quote: Originally Posted by chuckseabreeze If you got hate in your heart ... let it out. give me time, I can think of more
Quote: Originally Posted by vince321 Wow, it would be depressing and sad to see such icons like Tiffany, Neiman, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom and Ferragamo go out of business. I may not always like their style, but they are giants of the industry and have done much for fashion. Their demise would truly be sad.......IMHO. The past was the past, what I take issue with is the here and now, and personally I would have no problems with these...
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I got a small one from the coach outlet as a gift a while back and it seems to hold up nicely, was under $70 too I believe last time I was in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBeagle Go to Second Time Around or The Closet on Newbury if you don't mind wearing used pants. Actually I have a pair of pants from there that were virtually unworn - Luciano Barbera birdseye for like 80 bucks. Fit perfectly. Just make sure anything you buy from those places is in super-mint condition. Hmm not too keen on used pants... I will consider brooks outlet, though a bit of a drive just for...
You cannot overwind it, however there will be parts that need to be replaced every five or so years
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma And 3,5K suit? 800$ shoe? Personally I see this as a good thing as well, it is about time the general public started becomming aware of markups for luxury goods and sales become more someone who buys a good deal of needless items I am always astounded by the sheer number of people who don't shop around to get the best possible price. I am really curious if this downturn will negatively effect...
Thanks, I updated my profile with my location information, fwiw I am in MA. I was hoping to get something soon but if waiting for brooks is worth it then so be it.... Thanks
Thanks, I will be honest in saying that I don't really like Nordstrom Rack type places as I have to seemingly pick through things to find anything of interest, and would prefer just going to a store which has a standard stock. Also and likewise I am not too big on buying pants online unless I can try them on first somehow. And for Ralph Lauren, any suggestion on where those might be sold or are you referring to the actual polo store? thanks
Hyundai Omega
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