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Quote: Originally Posted by Collector23 Sunshine cloth and a bit of elbow grease usual works for me! ditto
Went there this past weekend, total waste of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku You've gotta be kidding me.... Why, RL in the upper end makes decent stuff, HF suits are pretty decent, and Dunhill lighters are really nice, don't really care about anything else they do.
Their heritage line is nice, as others have said they are a part of the swatch group and are more value oriented, a step below longines IMHO. Good solid watches at a fair price. I would equate Longines or maybe even Omega to Allen Edmonds though if using a shoe reference.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz +100000000000 to that. I agree on Debeers as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Do you guys calling for these giant long lists have actual experience with all of those you're calling to go away? Seems doubtful. Sure, some aren't great, but others (like Lambertson Truex) are great brands that do excellent work at reasonable prices. Get rid of them and you are stuck paying 4x's as much for "Fashion Brands" or twice as much for Coach, for 1/5 the quality. LT makes nice items, simply designed...
Quote: Originally Posted by GiltGroupe You really want the following brands to go out of business? John Varvatos Hickey Hickey Freeman Dolce & Gabbana Lambertson Truex Malo Robert Marc Trovata Earnest Sewn J. Lindberg Adam Ralph Lauren Georg Jensen Helmut Lang Band of Outsiders Tim Hamilton Jack Spade James Perse Mosley Tribes Isaia Berluti Brunello Cuccinelli Tomas Maier Alexander McQueen Acne Filippa K Dunhill Borrelli Jan...
Quote: Originally Posted by zeitgeist zegna... you'll pay a premium, but it's worth it. Pretty big premium, but the stuff looks nice, especially their leather items.
So how do they take in a shirt exactly? didn't even know that could be done and still look right.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm i do have to say... I've never had any personal problems with tiffany. Neiman - it's impossible to make a return there. you have to return the item at a register and then go get your cash from customer service. if a till can take my money, they should be able to give it back. LV - in my humble experience, they make crap products - but the real problem is they have TERRIBLE customer service. When a bag strap...
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