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meh, I just wanted one of their overcoats....preferably the long brooks storm coat but alas nothing in my size. They had a nice one which appeared to have stitching around the collar area but I didn't get a look at the price and they didn't have my size again.
wrong thread sorry
I have heard that tumi and louis vuitton are prime targets for either theft of abuse by the throwers...many I know who travel often suggest getting "normal" luggage so as not to draw attention to your belongings, the most recommended set I hear about is travelpro.
for aviators I find it hard to go past the classic ray ban, but as for peoples I have heard they are ok, personally I would rather a traditional sunglass company like Maui Jim, Persol, Ray Ban or some other luxottica company..but if you like the style.
wow, thats pretty nasty. One reason why I like ordering from websites and the like is because the stuff usually comes factory direct, vs. in the store (who knows what kind of shenanigans took place there)... I have yet to see someone trying on socks, however my wife always sees women trying on shoes without socks or those little free foot covers they give the ladies and she finds that totally disgusting. With guys the only thing I could think of that is horrible is...
Saw a nice round textured one on here that was nice, just looking for other options, thanks
that tie bar is kinda swanky (the round one) who makes it? also nice IWC.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 A case is a case and sterling silver is sterling silver. All you'll pay for something that retails more is the name. Here's one from Brooks Brothers that's $150. blue nile has some nice ones also
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I believe their North American suits are made by HSM. I believe HSM has a good reputation around on these forums for the price, although I've never actually seen one in person. No idea who makes their suits in other countries. If this is the case, why not skip the middle man and go straight to HSM?
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus Burberry just sucks quality-wise. I have been foolish enough to buy more than one shirt from them for $50+ at outlet stores, so shame on me. Their shirts are crap. While they may "look" nice, the fabric is garbage, the buttons break and you can always count on at least one falling off, and finally there are just loose threads everywhere after just one washing. It is actually pretty ridiculous. If you're thinking...
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