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Here are mine:
Quote: Originally Posted by ScottMan Thanks very much! The hands and markers are both fired blue. It has definitely replaced everything in my watch case. Yeah that is an awesome piece, I have a white/blue aqua terra and love the look of the blue hands, but the dial and case on the IWC have always been much more appealing...maybe someday I will lose my Sub and Omega for that IWC
Cannot stand J&M, have had a few pairs and they all fell apart...junk. For lower cost shoes my go to brand is Florsheim, I can get them cheap and they seem to last and are comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by ScottMan Not sure if this qualifies as "p0rn"...but... I just picked this guy up: IWC Portuguese Chrono (3714-17) - It's my first IWC and my first "more dressy" watch. I'm looking for a good brown croc/gator strap for it. I think this is going to force me to sell this Tag as I can't really justify three 7750s in the house at once. Haha. The IWC is awesome, are the hands blue?? very nice watch
Quote: Originally Posted by Berticus Never had that problem personally. Shouldn't all clippers be made to be ambidextrous? Because when you clip the fingernails on your right hand or toenails on your left feet you need to use your left hand. You look through the side? I always looked from the top... But yeah, their sizes do run a tad on the large size, which is why you size down one. For the nose trimmer, wasn't sure if DOVO was the one doing the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Berticus I've got a pair of Feather PaRaDa. When getting one, you need to size down one. They're sharp, and they're suppose to stay sharp for a very long time. They also have a built in nail catcher. They only come in curved edge. Seki is a step up from Feather. Nail clippers have all sorts of features such as a nail catcher and a magnifying glass. Can either be straight or curve edged. DOVO is suppose to have really good...
So let me know via PM if they have another one, I have the Chopin and have always been looking for a Mozart to go in my datebook. I am not a MB fan as I feel they are hyped, but the Mozart and Chopin are two I have always liked. Good luck
So I have some cheapo ones that really don't work well and was looking for something nicer, didn't know if anyone had any suggestions.
Quote: Originally Posted by rsgould There are certain products, in my opinion, that are so widely faked that they look completely cheapened as a result. The Burberry pattern is one such product. Another example: living in Asia, I would never buy a Rolex, because the look has become so devalued that it screams "counterfeit" no matter how nice of a watch it is. Same with LV patterned bags. Thats interesting because I always thought Asia was...
The Deville SS always looks akward to me, as if the round case and seconds sub is out of proportion, plus I believe it isn't a screw on case back which I am not a huge fan of, not sure on that though. For me it came down to the Speedy Moon, the Blue AT, or the White dial Deville Chronometer...
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