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Most days my wedding band and my watch, platinum ring and rolex submariner...other days I will wear my college ring and maybe carry a fountain pen, and when dressing up I will add cufflinks, but typically nothing more.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcc123 What are you people on? I've never paid retail. The money is in my pocket so I can wait as long as it takes. I agree, personally I find it somewhat laughable that they say consumers are so used to these periods of deep discounting that moving away from it will be difficult when in reality the sales seemed to be only over this one holiday season, had these been going on for the past decade and now stores were...
My FIL has this style Coach and I really like it...if I ever need another I will most likely get this one$maintest$
Count me as odd one out but I actually like the Ray Ban script on the lens...Maui Jim does the same with their logo as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by turk100 Also, as the before mentioned post stated. One must remember all those super athletes were given Rolexes to wear by Rolex as their sponser. Just as the Omega was the first watch to be worn on the moon. Interesting.... The moon watch was chosen by NASA after the agency purchased a few models for testing without the companies being aware...after the testing NASA chose Omega because it passed while the...
So I have a Kent military brush that I like and want to get something that I can use when I am out and about...was looking at a Kent comb but was wondering if I should go with the standard style pocket comb (one side bigger teeth the other smaller) or if I should consider a "folding" comb...I kinda think the folding combs seem effeminate? Here are the pictures:
Hey all, wow, so it is a brooks tie, and honestly I don't remember how much it cost...but that little tag thing on the back comes in handy, and I am not that good with a needle...didn't know if there was any kind of typical course of action with this type of a deal, I have read that many here throw ties out when they spill something on them instead of having them cleaned so figured it might be the same for something like this?
So I am inclined to just trash it, but it was one of my favorite ties and the tag thing is comming off...what would you do?
I shop from authorised dealers, typically ones I get referred to through TZ and the like, prices on Omega as good if not better than grey market.
Quote: Originally Posted by phillyesq I've had the opposite experience. I had a pair of Florsheim shoes that completely fell apart within 2 years. I have a few pairs of J&M, and I've had no problems with them. The J&M's I had lasted two months, on one the soles split in half, the other pair the inner part near the heel ripped out... With the Florsheims I have had I typically pay under $100 so if they last a year then I am...
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