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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse They should fit like a glove with some wiggle room in the toes and then open up after a few hours of wear. The best way to test this is to wear the shoes around the house with thick athletic socks for a few hours each night. If the shoe is not better after several days, you have the wrong shoe/size. Also, the shoe should not slip in the heel whether the laces are tied or not. This is not always the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I've had several Rowenta irons, and I like the amount of steam and heat they produce. However, I'm on my last one, they leak too much for me. They didn't have alot of options near me, either that or a black and decker and the latter's plate looked really poorly made.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff ok then let say forget about their retails... if you can get a signature gold jab or a 1818 brooks suit for 500 dollars which one would you choose ? (considering they are both same color/style you prefer). Not really a valid comparison because Sig Golds can be less than $500 whereas 1818 typically are only that price when you buy two of them at the same time and even that is scarce. And really people...
Well got the iron, a Rowenta, but when I went to use it white junk blew out of the bottom getting all over a pair of my pants, I am taking it back tomorrow for another one as I am guessing it is either defective or someone used it before.
Quote: Originally Posted by zizou regardless of quality, i just don't like the shopping experience at JAB stores and being hounded by salesmen. are BB suits half-canvassed? This is interesting as I have the opposite experience, I find that in the JAB by me I only get approached when I ask for it and that with Brooks the sales people are either non existant or unhelpful. with that said I don't mind JAB dress slacks especially on super...
So my iron crapped out tonight and leaked water all over the place... Now I am deliberating between a Steamer or an Iron, the kicker is I need it by tomorrow as I am travelling on Sunday and want to get things in order. Any suggestions on what is best to touch up wool trousers would be great, they mostly wrinkle in the crotch and the back of the legs. Also any suggestions on readily available steamers are welcome, seems like selection in stores is limited but it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengranger Here's a few pictures of my 2 SAB's. One is a golfer 27", and the other a 25". I use the golfer more and I haven't yet had difficulties with the wind. Looks nice, most likely the color I would get too, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 I have a 27" golf. It is the perfect size, and since it is a tartan, I can always find it in the stand. Do yourself a favor and grab one. Thanks, I checked HY site and they only seem to have one now, I don't really care if it is as elegant as the stick one so long as it is good quality for what it is. Thanks again and if anyone has any images that would be great.
and if so how do you like it? specifically the 27" size? Was considering one of these as they are a bit more affordable then a standard SAB thanks
So is AE doing poorly in the US?? Honestly I don't know many who have even heard of the brand... Speaking for myself they are the nicest shoe I want to own Seemingly a good sold yet arguably plain brand with ok construction and a high but not break the bank price. Now if only I could find a pair which fit properly.
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