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i'm in for a pink henley. probably gonna try on the jeans this weekend.
I know I know, but I'm trying' to teach these dudes out here whats up.
Instead of olive how about a grass green?
I actually have a pair of 5" swim trunks from SS '13 maybe or maybe even '12, they have pockets and they fall perfectly flat for what its worth.
Asymmetric raglan or that sweater jacket. Listen to your boy over here.
Mauro wanted y'all to see a little bit of things that are coming sooner: and later: Get excited y'all!
It's been too long buddy!
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.I'll just give a run down of my experience from last night:I'm 5'10" and 155lbs so let that be a frame of reference.The tees are a big improvement over last year's. I have both and can that the new ones drape totally differently. They are heavier/more substantial with a thicker neckband on both the crew and the v-neck. I think they play really nice with the wool trousers too where last year's t-shirts may fall a little short in that...
I'm actually wearing these today and can say that they are as comfortable as pajamas. Plus I don't have to think about putting on a belt; the less I have to do when I get dressed, the happier I am in general.
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