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Apparently I am on the main-page of Styleforum. Fame.
Matcha cotton sweater, blue gingam johnny knickers "Wolf vs Goat allows me to not sacrifice agility for style."
Had a photoshoot this past weekend for a Baltimore arts blog where I wore all WvG (4 looks) I'll post pics when that releases in the future. In the mean time here's what I'm doing today: white tee, floral trousers and brown nicos. Glad to see WvG didn't get nuked off of SF after all.
Seconded. I have two weddings in May.
My job here is done. Seriously though, as I see it there were 8 other opportunities to see the details of the sneakers from other testers (no clue where they are in all of this). My thought was to simply present the sneakers in a variety of ways playing them back to existing WvG items in the context of full outfits.
Foxy pink button-down (I just renamed it for you Mauro) Khaki twill trousers Brown Nico sneakers Rushing the spring season for sure. Fake it till it makes it.
Theres a tan grosgrain strip on the inside placket of mine. its so dope.
Slightly off topic but I just got my fox print shirt. That thing is a contender to be the MVP of the button-downs this year from the brand.
Fox shirt. Yes.
Not the best shot of the shoes but...Dunagree fabric suit, pink henley, brown Nico's and bag by the Madly (remember them?)
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