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I am going to copy and paste the email Mauro sent me. I think it sums up the blog post quite well: /// JT, Will you please post this to SF. I am doing great! I already and eating solid food. I am a beast. Best, Mauro ///
Quick update:
Hey, I just spoke to Mauro and just so you know the codes and working correctly. Anyone who's code didn't work will be refunded.
Only the classic " lighter weight" tees are being made this round. The heavier is later on down the road let's say August.
this post makes me SO happy. My favorite go-top tee fabric. Okay so what kind of colors do we want to see. Me? I vote for that tanergine from the overdyes.
Some good change is happening!
Hey gang, just an FYI there are only 2 double print linen shirts and 2 donegal basket weave shirts left. Mauro said he would really like them to have a home!
new blog post on tencel is up.
The fun prints are coming... The fun prints are coming... I have a similar fabric in a pair of shorts from last year (sky blue seersucker). It's PERFECT for warm weather.
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