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Asymmetric raglan or that sweater jacket. Listen to your boy over here.
Mauro wanted y'all to see a little bit of things that are coming sooner: and later: Get excited y'all!
It's been too long buddy!
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.I'll just give a run down of my experience from last night:I'm 5'10" and 155lbs so let that be a frame of reference.The tees are a big improvement over last year's. I have both and can that the new ones drape totally differently. They are heavier/more substantial with a thicker neckband on both the crew and the v-neck. I think they play really nice with the wool trousers too where last year's t-shirts may fall a little short in that...
I'm actually wearing these today and can say that they are as comfortable as pajamas. Plus I don't have to think about putting on a belt; the less I have to do when I get dressed, the happier I am in general.
I'm ready.
It's been a minute y'all. First, for those who were at the pig roast, good seeing y'all. I had a ton of fun. Second, I bought some undies while I was there. I love them. The fabric is a thicker version of the familiar bamboo/sorona blend we're used to and it's just really comfy. The waistband isn't that shitty thin narrow elastic that I didn't realize until now are pretty uncomfortable. I'm somewhere in between having super slim and thicker athletic thighs of these don't...
time to make the donuts.
^Just not a lot of fabric; enough for a few MTMs. All works out in the end because now you can just buy a sno-cone
you sure?(To be clear, the picnic Sno-cone is a beast ass shirt.)
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