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Theres a tan grosgrain strip on the inside placket of mine. its so dope.
Slightly off topic but I just got my fox print shirt. That thing is a contender to be the MVP of the button-downs this year from the brand.
Fox shirt. Yes.
Not the best shot of the shoes but...Dunagree fabric suit, pink henley, brown Nico's and bag by the Madly (remember them?)
Tank tops this year or nah?
I'm never more than 3 feet away from it andplusalso nobody messes with me in this city.*knocks on wood*
I totally dig the rationale tbh. Thanks for the photography compliment.For anyone that may way to post: I honestly just prop my iphone up on something waist height or higher, turn the timer on for 10 seconds, hold the shutter button down to activate burst mode and go stand and try to look cool. Couldn't be easier!
Appreciated. Yeah, I used to post over there like four or five years ago, I'm just not into it that much. I'm just here to hopefully be useful to a friend to be honest.
White beanie, khaki bloodline chinos, Egyptian cotton sweater and most importantly to this post: chocolate wingtip sneakers. The sneakers are pretty damn comfy. I have a little less than a mile walk to work and my feet feel good. The suede is really really nice as well as the finish on these. I can't compare comfort to say Common Projects as its been quite a few years since I had a pair. I'm definitely digging on these though!
Haha true. I wasn't stressed on it tbh; I'm not around here enough to know whether dude was trolling or if he's a regular trying to help with fit advice.Doesn't matter either way to me, I don't need the help. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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