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Green henley with Toni suit. These things are too soft. Loving it! I have other colors to post and will soon!
[[SPOILER]] Been wearing this thing all week. It's been cold in Baltimore--zero degree windchill. Wearing the stay puff plus a henley keeps me perfectly warm. Those sniper jackets coming in should too. That blue urban camo is spicy.
Bang bang.
Its actually cold enough to wear this thing. The Stay Puff with Toni pants .
My puffy blazer should be showing up soonish. Will post thoughts.
Thanks, man. I wear 32 predator typically.
I had one that I think I never posted:
The fit on the jacket is the same as the knit blazers from over the summer. I'm a 40 slim in both. I've actually never tried on a pair of enzos so I'm not sure there. I will say the pants need ZERO alterations for me aside from hemming. They start with a 36" inseam.
I got you sir.The Toni jacket and pants are silly. Its a knit wool/cotton blend that feels akin to lounge wear. The suit is VERY comfortable. The color is a really rich navy blue and theres a slight texture to the fabric that is really unique as well. The sweatshirt is super thick but it didn't weight me down. I layered it under the slim jacket and it was more than fine. The suit is pretty casual so I would personally do a sweatshirt or a sweater with a dope texture with...
Going to hang with Mauro for a little bit tomorrow in the afternoon. Going to snap some pics of the toni suit and burgundy sweatshirt. It's going to be dope.
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