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Thanks, man. I wear 32 predator typically.
I had one that I think I never posted:
The fit on the jacket is the same as the knit blazers from over the summer. I'm a 40 slim in both. I've actually never tried on a pair of enzos so I'm not sure there. I will say the pants need ZERO alterations for me aside from hemming. They start with a 36" inseam.
I got you sir.The Toni jacket and pants are silly. Its a knit wool/cotton blend that feels akin to lounge wear. The suit is VERY comfortable. The color is a really rich navy blue and theres a slight texture to the fabric that is really unique as well. The sweatshirt is super thick but it didn't weight me down. I layered it under the slim jacket and it was more than fine. The suit is pretty casual so I would personally do a sweatshirt or a sweater with a dope texture with...
Going to hang with Mauro for a little bit tomorrow in the afternoon. Going to snap some pics of the toni suit and burgundy sweatshirt. It's going to be dope.
Seconded. I have two weddings in May.
My job here is done. Seriously though, as I see it there were 8 other opportunities to see the details of the sneakers from other testers (no clue where they are in all of this). My thought was to simply present the sneakers in a variety of ways playing them back to existing WvG items in the context of full outfits.
Foxy pink button-down (I just renamed it for you Mauro) Khaki twill trousers Brown Nico sneakers Rushing the spring season for sure. Fake it till it makes it.
Theres a tan grosgrain strip on the inside placket of mine. its so dope.
Slightly off topic but I just got my fox print shirt. That thing is a contender to be the MVP of the button-downs this year from the brand.
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