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new blog post on tencel is up. https://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/102376385-unnatural-naturals-the-cellulose-family
The fun prints are coming... The fun prints are coming... I have a similar fabric in a pair of shorts from last year (sky blue seersucker). It's PERFECT for warm weather. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/102055617-summer-conversationals-2016
I heard from Mauro today. Everything has been submitted for production to the factory. So within the month, I believe.About the tees:So I won't clog up the this post too too much, but in regards to all of the fabrics, they are some of the softest fabrics he's worked with. We have a task for the U-neck (modal/silk), we have to determine if we want a rough edge collar or not, finished or unfinished hems, and what color. I think the color will be only one. 24 U-neck tees that...
Just as an FYI, you can MTO your inseam length for the Chinos which is good for gangly mofo's such as myself.
Oh man, looks like a color got picked. Take all my money! http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/99027329-military-chinos-for-the-win
Speaking of linen tees...what cha know about that: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/98107393-tee-shirt-fabrics-for-limited-edition-tees
Quick note all: The over dye pre-sale is over. Poplins and sweats are done. Trousers are next. This is keeping from items going on sale which is a loss of revenue. Simple business. The crowd sourced system is what is staying in place. If the units are there, its made make it if not, no dice. My .02: buy smart: we have a REAL good deal going with the rewards program; don't overthink it. If you like it, buy it. Easy peasy.
New pants are coming. Let's make it official. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/97924161-summer-chinos-and-linen-trousers
T-shirts are coming (I think) after this next pre-order. I don't know styles or colors (that is for us to decide) but I do know that the fabric choices are cotton, linen-cotten blend and the one I'm excited for, silk.I think he has plans for a linen trouser with elastic waistband which sample pics are in this thread somewhere.UPDATE: He is doing another run of the Enzo chino. He bought up the last bit of fabric. You guys can start thinking of what color you want.
New Posts  All Forums: