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Thanks man! you helped me out once before regarding a cardigan and was very helpful
I bought a yellow shetland cardigan but its still at my proxy and im starting to have seconds thoughts on purchasing a large (im medium on everything rugby) does anyone know how big the size difference is between M and L? the online pictures make the cardigan look very boxy so i guess the difference is big on width and not much on length... im 6"2, 175 lbs, 39" chest and would like it to fit like the model with the yellow cardigan.
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets I really gotta stop visiting this place, I got into admiring your jacket and before I knew it I bought a leather quilted panther. I know exactly what you mean but congrats on a great purchases! that is one of the best jackets I've seen, you have to give us some fit pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets I'm normally long in the sleeves, it fits me fine. How do I think it fits you in the photo? It looks like you're the stay puft marshmallow man. If you're going to wear crazy layers underneath consider sizing up. I was thinking more about if it feels too baggy around your biceps area, I know that the sleeves should be a little bit loose but idk it feels like mine is too baggy. Haha I have to agree with you...
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Ah, ok. Yeah it's the sweater, I have to go XL on belstaff's if I'm layering underneath and I'm 6'2" 200. I can do the large with just a light layer. Isn't the Redford pretty well insulated on its own? You could also consider the roadmaster with the matching quilted vest (Belstaff body warmer gilet), it snaps into the roadmaster I believe so you can have the layering look and warmth and snap it out for warmer...
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Is there any difference in that from the regular Redford? It might be the lighting you've got because the photo looks really puffy. If it's the standard Belstaff redford then it's a great jacket and those are just shitty photos or its not fitting you right. Also, are you sure about the authenticity? Because there's a lot of good Chinese knockoffs of these, which could explain why it looks odd to me. As to...
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets Is that a quilted puffy barbour? It's quilted but from Belstaff, the model is called new redford.
Keep or send back?
I'm traveling with my friends to the states/NYC for the first time ever and I want to shop allot, but I'm not sure which stores to visit. I don't really know how to describe what kind of clothes I like but I usually shop at H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, Rugby & Endclothing.com. Just drop the name of the stores you like and I'll search the web for some info. Here some of the stores in my list so far. Soho Macy's Dillards Niketown Adidas Originals...
any more suggestions?
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