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Second prototype of a new bag:
A small wallet i recently made:
I am sure you guys can answer this within seconds and spare me hours of searching in this thread: I wear a 32 in APC NS, which N&F Size and Model comes closest to this?
This one:
Fun project: a studded bracelet. The outside is cordovan no.8, inside is calf. Not really my style, but i like the result.:
My holy grail item: a holy grail.
Any chance peacoats are being shipped any time soon? I'm freezin here dude. i placed my order 18.10.2011
Just 2 random quotes concerning the oil issue, quoted from a leathercrafting forum:To be honest, i dont know what exactly happens inside the leather if you put on too much oil, but if all the oldtimers keep telling, i guess there's some truth in it.
What does the "G" in "VTG" stand for? I know its Vegetable Tanned G... One thing i noticed: I started leather crafting about 1 year ago. One of the things i've read again and again is that you should be very careful with veg tan and oil (esp. neatsfoot oil). Apparently, it's pretty easy to over oil, which can damage the leather in the long run. As far as have read, people plan to put massive amounts of oil on their jackets. I just dont know if this is a very good idea....
Never mind this post.I was like "aw fuck that, i'll just order one". And so i did. EDIT: btw, i paid 495$ (with quilted lining, if that matters)
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