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Church's Sidford for Leffot, Cigar Castoro Suede
I usually don't purchase any wrist wear, but I had to try these and they turned out great. Thanks!
Sid Mashburn Double Monk's definitely run a little wide. I am usually an E width, as the Mashburn's are labeled as D. With that being said, I also sized down 1/2 a size. And they fit really comfortably. Hope this helps. I'm actually waiting on my ROTM's to come in the mail... so I will post somewhere here when I do receive them.
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus Anyone tried on this seasons field parka ? Trying to decide if i should buy or not... I tried one on at Odin New York, fit is great. Sleeves are a bit on the short side. Sleeve width is slim but not constricting.
There is a great EG sale going on at Odin New York.
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