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I bought these boots at the Church's retail store that used to be in Boston's Back Bay and haven't worn them at all in a long time. Comes with original box, no trees. US$150>>$135, includes CONUS shipping only. International shipping will be extra, how much extra will be negotiated between us.
PM sent.
PM sent
Thank you for being half a size too small for me. I can't come up with any other good reason not to pull the trigger. Good luck with this sale; I hope they find a grateful home.
The Leydon last generally runs true-to-size. My Snuff Suede version of the chukkas above certainly does.
Thanks for this PSA.
PM Sent on gray Huntington suit
Quote: Originally Posted by joonian Did anyone get more photos from the OP after PMing? Yes, I did, with a response to my questions.
PM sent on Byrons
PM sent on some squares
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