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I know a man who always buttons his buttons any way he wants )) Often the same way as we see on that 1939 Brooks Brothers catalog )
Yes, I think Breguet was the most famous watch in old Russia: Tsars, Pushkin, Tolstoy... Short, tragic story by Russian writer Alexander Kuprin calls Breguet.
Not really entry for this week's Friday challenge, but some green and some blue are there ))Close ups [[SPOILER]]
Yeah as well as regular Seiko or Citizen movements
I remember days when there (in Russia, Ukraine) Franck Muller was on top, then Uysse Nardin made its way to be the best choice to show the status and only truly brave people could wear Rolex ))But this is truth about lack of watch knowledge among people in Russia sporting PP or VC.
+ Tassimo coffee
Gloomy day
Was anybody talking about blue Friday's challenge or something?
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