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Sorry no pics but selling a pair of APC Petit Standard size 29 brand new with tags. Never worn never tried on. Bought these from Context but changed my mind and could use the money instead of store credit. If you're a size 29 might as well save some money. $150 OBO
back up for sale. Was just re-soled by Yuketen and worn 2 times since.
price drop to $700
For sale are my brand new viberg x styleforum waxed flesh boot size 7.5. Never worn just tried on and put back in box. Here are the details. Can post pics if needed but pictures can be seen in the viberg thread or here: Here are the details: $750 $700 Boon docker 2045 Last Commando Sole 7 Brass Eyelets White Thread Natural Midsole Unstructured Toe Pull tab (loop) Wax Flesh
I agree 100% and after receiving these boots I have to say I really wished we went ahead with this boot on the 110 last as suggested. The 2045 toe box is a strange shape to me however I do believe it fits better around the midfoot. Something about how the most bulbous part of the toe box sits off towards the big toe.Still debating on whether or not to sell and go back to a 110 lasted boot which to me is much more symmetrically shaped like the 2030.I also have a slight...
MTO group buy. Check this thread for details:
Thanks fok! Boots look awesome. Love the pull loop and the commando sole matches perfectly for this makeup!!! Never thought to ask but what kind of tongue did viberg go with? Hope it's a softer thinner leather than the flesh.
Got mine. Thanks again!
+1000I don't see how it was boring, for a first episode of a season they touched a lot of stories. Also the scene where Tywin is melting Ned's sword was so painful and awesome at the same time. Felt like I was watching "how it's made"Acting has improved too, Jon Snow's scene was great, definitely stepping up with the bigger role. Arya, joff, were great and Oberyn was played perfectly
Great to hear. Thanks for the update!
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