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Got mine. Thanks again!
+1000I don't see how it was boring, for a first episode of a season they touched a lot of stories. Also the scene where Tywin is melting Ned's sword was so painful and awesome at the same time. Felt like I was watching "how it's made"Acting has improved too, Jon Snow's scene was great, definitely stepping up with the bigger role. Arya, joff, were great and Oberyn was played perfectly
Great to hear. Thanks for the update!
So that's what the unstructured 2045 last looks like. I assume this is what the SF waxed flesh will look like.Guy what was the reason to change from the 110 to the 2045?
Unacceptable! Don't fool yourself and others by saying these boots are fine.
does anyone know what last the derby in the picture is on? 2045? Really hoping this is what the waxed MTO boondocker is going to look like toe wise
the derby looks chunky to you? Toe box looks unstructured
she got robbed
Thanks for everything Fok!
Also from my experience with viberg unconstructed toe, if anyone is using insoles i would size up a half size. With my original boondockers I found with an insole, the toe box was snug against the the top of my toes due to the lower profile.
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