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Does anyone know when this Hawaiian shirt will be released and who will carry it?
Does anyone know if a New York City store carries the Women's Sneaker (looks like the achilles)
The puller became detached from the slider on my M65 zipper last winter. In addition, the bottommost tooth is becoming loose. A rivit attaches the zipper to the rest of the jacket. Is a repair possible despite this rivit? If so, is it possible to get a similar or identical Riri zipper?
Please let me know what you think of the fit on these BSP 103s. I went true to size (32). The pre-soak waist size was an inch larger to advertised and 2 extremely hot soaks I was able to achieve 2/3 the advertised shrinkage. Therefore the waist is approximately 1.5in larger than expected. I would be happier with a slightly tighter waist but the jeans are not falling off me, even without a belt. I'm extremely happy with the fit in the legs. They also shrunk 2/3...
Could someone point me to some fit pics of the 103BSP. I could only find this one and the pics on the SelfEdge page. Any comments on how the low rise affects the fit? Based on the other measurements, I would go TTS since I don't want the legs to be super-slim.
Any news if there will be a floral camp shirt this year? If so, will it be the same pattern as the blue floral jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by maltess Hello, the thing is that based on SE measurements I am L siza and based on IH UK site I am M size, so I don´t know I am confused. Both sites have told me that their mesurements are correct, but they are different in their charts, one size of difference pretty much, so I am confused. best regards I measure my medium to be 42.5in where the sleeves join the body. Note the following: 1. There is a fair...
Are the CPs leather or some sort of fabric?
Eagerly awaiting the finish date. The crotch on mine is almost transparent.
The SelfEdge website says the the short sleeve IH shirts are 100% cotton twill. I thought they were a 50-50 mix of cotton and synthetic material. The tag says 50% something in Japanese and 50% something else in Japanese.
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