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Got my taupe distressed off shoebuy for 76 - 30% cashback = 53....
Quote: Originally Posted by montyharding Well then suggest something you think is good looking Hes right. The best messenger bags ive seen are just simple. One pocket, rectangular, leather strap. Thats all you need. You dont even need fancy metal clasps or anything. And in tanned leather, with a nice orange brownish hue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mountains It's a good-quality jean for $80 with a logo in dark stitching. Considering the price, it's far better than any of the mall brands at retail (J Crew, GAP, PRL, Uniqlo, etc etc). O rly? I would honestly say a pair of 501 STF's might be better than wearing rock and republic.
Ok. I think what you guys need to do is give us (people who think his current attire is appropriate), what would be a good alternative solution. Dressing up like Phat Guido would not work with Apple's image as a company. In fact. I think the only way Job's could improve his look is to just buy a pair of APC NS and a black t shirt.
I like the common projects. Just not how astronomically priced they are. 60 and below.. I can only find leather CT's and JP's.. that suit my liking.
30 x 34. Fits true to size, mostly everyone will tell you how a T-000 fits.
Worn twice since I got back from Hong Kong. Realized dark gray doesn't go with much in my wardrobe actually, Size 30. Inseam is whatever stock inseam it is, probably 34. $40 Firm, shipped CONUS
ive read that from a lot of posts. maybe the sperry salesman was being a dbag. My feet can fit in the Sperrys, they are a bit of a pain to walk in. Price drop. I couldn't imagine wearing a 9.5 for these though, right now they are a sock fit for me, if they were 9.5 I'm pretty sure barefooted they would slip right off.
This is worn for approximately 5 hours. I got this because the Sperry salesman said to size down from true. I believe I am a 8.5-9 true. And I wear a 9.5 in Vans Authentics. This is simply too small, I think I will buy an 8 or 8.5 in the future. It is supposed to stretch, but I think my feet are simply too big to even be accomodated via stretching If you are 8-8.5 true this should fit you awesome, the front is too narrow for my feet. $50 SHIPPED CONUS PAYPAL ONLY! THIS...
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