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Quote: Originally Posted by robin Bump! Now available online: Just ordered the tan ones. Hopefully they are on the barrie last. Did the 30% off apply to these?
We're on our second Rowenta. After the first on died after about 3 1/2 year (it did get a ton of almost daily use) I decided to be frugal and buy a cheaper brand that had very similar features. We ended up not liking it and gave it to the mother in law. That said I would not pay full retail for one. You can usually find them on sale at Target or Kohls.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix FWIW, I've learned that flipping AEs can be harder than one might expect. They're not a brand that's in super high demand among fora members, so if I'm going to even think about buying a pair to thrift, at least three of four things have to be true: 1) They have to be a classic style, 2) They have to be in good-to-excellent condition, 3) They have to be in a common size (C-E only, usually), and 4) The price has to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles This is exactly why I don't sell on ebay. OP: that really sucks mate. I hope it works out. Makes me mad just hinking about it. Neil Barrett is not just some shmo making suitts, but to rss' point, they rpobably aren't well known enough to command fakes. guy's a retard and i hope he gets hit by a greyhound bus. LMAO....no doubt. The guy is ticked he fired on this and then found it elsewhere...
Price Drops. Need to move these so I'll be willing to deal if you buy more then one.
Quote: Originally Posted by emerckx In my experience, non-346 BB shirts are always worth it (presuming, of course, there are no issues), especially the OCBD's, and especially the OCBD's made-in-USA. They are a go-to shirt for many people, including myself (hint, hint). PM sent. I'll second this, I have never not been able to flip a non 346 BB shirt, and actually have been able to add a couple for my own use. The non 346 ties are another...
I have noticed that once you do this for awhile it's easier to eye through the racks. I have also seen a lot of older stuff and Stafford stuff (along with Steve and Barrys crap). One interesting suit I saw was a Jos A Banks with the older red label (I assume this was a 90's suit). It was made in the US, the material was good and it still looked like a great suit. When did they make the decison to lower the quality of their appearal?
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