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Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl You potentially overpaid... sorry to tell you. Its a rather old unit. Came out in 2000. My current receiver is a Sony DA 30 ES from '99. This will do two zones where mine only will do one. Audiogon has it valued at $390.00 with a low purchase of $140.00. I figured if I beat the low I did ok.
Not exactly thrift, but I picked up a Rotel RSP 985 Surrond Sound Processor for $125. Retailed new for $2000. The gemtlman still had the box, and all the packaging...even the box for the remote. Now I need to find an amp, and upgrade my speakers, and......
Quote: Originally Posted by positivepeanut Hi everyone, I've been a thrifter for just under a year and just recently scored a few items, not quite as impressive as some of the finds in this thread, but it's enough for me. A pair of Allen Edmonds a week prior, and these, one next to another at Salvation Army... Some other finds I've come across are a vintage Christian Dior french cuff buttonup, a black BNWOT J. Lindeberg dress shirt with...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy are all bills cut really baggy? i've got big legs, but a pair i bought off b&S were HUGE on me. ended up giving them away. no way to even tailor them down. If you go on the Bills website, they have several styles of cuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Everyone Remember that item I won off of ebay? Well, I contacted the buyer on Monday yet he/she hasnt responded. What do I do?? Cheers They can't leave you negative feedback so I would file something through e-bay to cancel the auction.
I sent you a PM...might have some interest if you still have this.
If someone else bid on the auction, you can mutually cancel the bid, and the seller can offer it to the next highest bidder.
Scored my first Sulka tie yesterday. It's a bit narrow for my taste so I'll offer it as trade bait. I also bought my first piece of vintage audio equipment. Yamaha T-760 AM/FM tuner. Sold new in 1981 for $285.00. Audiogon rates the avg retail on it now at $60 so I'm happy. It also looks real cool
[quote=k4lnamja;4204188] Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 Pictures of the shoes after some conditioning. Please lace these the proper way. Ty cheers And what is your preference? There are like 35 ways to lace shoes so it comes down to what one likes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Wow - even at $150 retail, those look like one helluva shoe. Nice score! These might be the best shoes I've ever thrifted for under $5.00 (save the Vintage adidas Haillet/Stan Smith's). I found the company's website. It appears they produce a range of shoes from entry level to better made. Based and the model number they are an older shoe. I think they may be Goodyear welted....
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