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Some sweet cd's in there.
All these great hauls make me envious....I hit GW the other night and one a week and a half ago while at my parents and I swear I see the same ties they had 6 months to a year ago. Anyone else have that happen
Quote: Originally Posted by Cavalier I'd take an old LR Defender over a new RR any day. Another vehicle I love. They bring stupid money used...if you can find one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku So that explains why I've seen so many that looks like they were made for someone about 200 lbs and 4'8. I've seen quite a few RLPL ones like this too. Only the pique cotton ones. Wonder why... I always hang dry my Lacoste polos. And if you see one like Nataku described, if you wash it in cold water, then stretch it back out length wise then hang dry it...it will be wearable again.
I'd be curious to see what something like this would go for at an auction like Barrett Jackson. I'm a big fan of these vehicles and you don't see many around...and the ones you do see are beat to $hit and/or rusted out.
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer Regular visitors to this forum will note a classic example in my sig - I have been trying for months to sell a beautiful Kiton suit, to the sound of crickets. I've looked at your Kiton because the jacket is my size, but the issue is the pants. It's a 29" inseam. I'm somewhere between a 31" to 32" inseam. So even with the extra let, it's real close to not having enough material to lengthen. $600...
Price Drops
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face I've been cutting back on my thrifting as of late since I never seem to find anything worthwhile, but today I grabbed a copy of the "Official Preppy Handbook" which allows me to indulge two of my favorite things: the 80s and elitism. Love the Preppy Handbook.
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis Yea it sucks, but at least i get to drive this bad motherfucker all day! LOL j/k Is that a Ram Air??? I love saying that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Don't feel bad - I've been going for 10 years now and have never seen a Tom Ford either. Closest thing I have come is my wife found a pair of TF sunglasses at TJ Maxx for $20 on clearence. We were at the one in my hometown so you can find crazy stuff there because no one knows what it is.
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