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Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr The Plunger is a superb seller, I am sure there is some mistake here. Same here...bought an Armani tie off him and he threw in an extra tie.
I won't bid on something if the shipping looks out of whack. I agree with others that its a way people are getting around fees. I always ship USPS, estimate the weight, and the person pays what it costs to get from me to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 You mean greed. No actually panic (people pullin there money out of the market). Bear Stearns was all liquidity driven. If the gov't would have given BS the same treatment AIG, GM, and Chrysler got they would still be around and the Gov't would have been paid back plus interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by sw20 For past ~15yrs, nearly none of highest-paid guys at hedge funds or IB prop trading desks has bothered seeking an MBA Lots of undergrads from Wharton Finance, Stanford Computer Science, Harvard AppliedMath, etc (finishing undergrad summa/magna in 2 or 3 yrs, not 4); then 1-2 yrs as financial analyst at GS/MS/CS; then directly promoted to associate and beyond By mid-'90s at Wharton, many upper lvl finance courses...
Quote: Originally Posted by CuffEm Would you consider the Wharton MBA program to be on par with HBS and Stanford's business school? Is Wharton mainly known for its undergraduate business program? Depends of what you want to go for. If you want to talk based on value....University of Texas is rated as the best program for the cost.
Checking to see if there are any interest in my Mosley Tribes Legacy 60's? I've worn them maybe 3-4 times. They are simliar to these: http://www.ultrarob.com/shop/product...Polarized.html
Great Jay Farrar quote....huge Son Volt fan here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith I agree that the price should be set at an acceptable level. Ebay is nothing like it used to be. Five years ago you could put a $1 start price on an item with a value of $50 and expect to get from $40 to $70. Now, that won't work. BIN may be the best way to go. I agree. I listed a bunch of shirts staring at $.99 recently. Some went for over $20, but the necest of the bunch sold for $.99. I...
Price Drops/Consolidation of items
I have 3 stores I try to hit once a week. There will be some Sundays I'll just take the afternoon and hit 3-4 stores.
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