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Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy look for Marantz or Macintosh especially (not the Apple company,the Receiver manufacturer) My dream is to find a Macintosh receiver. I'd settle for a late 90's Sony ES receiver more powerful than mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Well, you got about as highly priced a fused suit as you can find. Trouble is, it's still fused. Hugo Boss's construction is utter crap for the price. If it fits you, $10 is a nice deal, but it ain't exactly a jackpot. A jackpot is fully canvassed, nice fabric, and fits for $10. Think finding a kiton suit in your size. About this time last year i picked up a NWT Hugo Boss suit for $40 and sold it on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Also, at the first shop my heart skipped a beat when among a bunch of Van Heusens and Geoffery Beenes was what I thought was a Brioni. Boy was I disappoined when I picked it out the double check. WTF is this?! Borroni is Brioni's pi$$ed off brother who went and started his own label.
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters so uhh... what kind of speakers do you guys recommend? I personally am a big fan of B&W Speakers http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/ I've also had Paradigm's in the past and they are a solid speakers as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Owen Meany experienced buyers...and...sophisticated customers (in anything audio) do not buy Bose.....And that is a fact! +1...you can find better quality equipment cheaper. Bose has done a real good job of making simplistic equipment that the average joe will overpay for.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdxpm I've seen the Polo University Club line a few times when thrifting. Where does it rank in the PRL lines? Is it a licensed product? I kind of assumed it was similar to the Lauren line. Someone will correct me, but I believe it was made by HartMarx in the late 80's to mid 90's. My interview suit for college and sorority formals was a PUC...lasted forever until I put on weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 You probably won't be able to sell them on the B&S. They'll have to go straight to eBay. I'd certainly buy them. I have never had anyone outside of Styleforum ever say anything negative about me wearing a ventless jacket. My friend who works at Saks says that he's had more than a few customers request that the tailor sew the vents closed on their new suits. I remember GQ going on and on about how slimming unvented...
PM Sent on the J Press.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja That's the thing, I dont really know what is truly a high constructioned suit vs one that is not. I can run my hand over the jacket/fabric but that's not a good indicator. I typically look at lapels but thats the same. Yes, i need to do more research and I will. I've looked on google and on this forum regarding di stefano and nothing came up. Once again, I guess it also depends on what I'm going to do with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats Bought pair of pants from jkidd41011 shipping was fast and pants are terrific! Thanks. Ditto from my end with Soxpants. Great guy to do a deal with.
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