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Not having the luck from the thrift gods you guys are. I Thought I found a Brooks Brothers sport coat today, my size, fit good, then went to pay for it and see a hole I missed when i looked it over. My wife on the other hand has found a bunch of sweaters from Talbotts that sell in the $100-200 range that are still on the website with the tags still on them for under $5 each.
I took some additional pictures...it does have a line in for another DVD. You can also run the TV and cable through it as well.
It actually is a DVD player. The knock on it was it wasn't Blue Ray compatible.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 I know - I have to fly to Columbus on Monday and drive to Cleveland the next day. The high on Tuesday is 19. Being from Texas I'm not sure my internal organs will continue to function at that temperature The only bright spot is Great Lakes Brewery. I love that stuff and they don't sell it in Texas. Big fan of the Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold. If you have time while in Cleveland there is a Filene's...
Price Drop....
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick In Cincinnati you can get a nice older home that probably has around 18 rooms for under $300,000. They aren't in the nicest neighborhoods though. And it would need that much in upgrades as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 Everybody hit their local favorites because apparently the streak of good luck is spreading! Today I hit a spot that's been dry for months and came away with a recent Burberry sportcoat in a cool looking muted orange tweed, a Polo blue label tux, a RLPL sportshirt, a pair of plain front Armani tweed slacks, and a pair of NWT Foot Joy golf shoes, all for $29.99. I decided to hit another thrift on the way to school...
Price drop and mesurements/pictures added.
Decided to try one last drop....$160.00 plus shipping.
Baracuta trench coat. It's tagged 38R. Not sure if it's vintage. Has the zip in liner, waist belt, cuffs, and button in collar. The button in collar has a couple small holes, and the zip in liner has a hole, The actual coat is in excellent condition. Measurements: Shoulders: 20" Armpits: 19' Length (BOC): 43" Sleeves (MOC): 34" The current Lancer trench on the Barracuta website retails for almost $400.00 SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: