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My wife bought prescription Tiffany sunglasses this spring so she doesn't need her non prescription ones any longer. They all appear to be in very good condition, but we do not have cases for any of them. Tom Ford Lara Sold Coach $25.00>>>20.00>>>$15.00 plus shipping Cole Haan $25.00>>>20.00>>>$15.00 plus shipping
Quote: Originally Posted by Digmenow Wow. All I ever find are Guess? and Swatch. If I found a Swatch I'd be pumped (big fan of them). All I ever see looks like the crap you can get at Wal MArt.
Bump for a great deal. I've been tempted to fire on a pair of JL's, but I'm unsure of the sizing. I've always heard you go up a full size. The odd thing is I am normally a 9.5 US, but I can sometimes wear a 10.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face Might need to buy as inspiration to get down from a 46R If you make that happen let me know what 46's you have . Even if I dropped some weight I'm still a 46.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku How much was this shirt? I may be interested if the sleeves don't seem oddly short (I'm a 34 sleeve). Darn you Nataku I like that one...but I'm a 35" sleeve.
Interesting w/e. We hit the Filenes today here in Columbus and they had a large rack of "desinger ties" at $59.99 with an additional 50% off. They had an insane amount of Polo (made in Italy) and RLPL. What I ended up getting was a Tom Ford and a Dolce Gabana. They also had a Prada but I wasn't sold on the quality. I also picked up a new Southwick suit there. They had a few crazy Italian brands I wasn't familiar with (They must have got a big shippment in from...
Quote: Originally Posted by An Ex Parrot Here's a question: I picked up a pair of AEs recently at SA. They're in good shape but they have the damn price written on the leather sole in what appears to be marker. Anyone have experience removing such things? I don't want to ruin the soles, but I also don't want to walk around with the price visible whenever I cross my leg. Or take a step. Thanks, AEP I've had good luck using the clorox...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Home Alone house for sale. http://www.businessinsider.com/house...million-2011-5 The the house where Amityville Horror was to have occured was on the market last year. I think they were asking $1.15 M and is sold for $950K
Some sweet cd's in there.
All these great hauls make me envious....I hit GW the other night and one a week and a half ago while at my parents and I swear I see the same ties they had 6 months to a year ago. Anyone else have that happen
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