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Brooks Brothers BB1 - Gold w/ Squares 3.75 " x 60": $15.00>>>$12.00>>>10.00 Shipped BB2 - Navy w/ Silver Rectangles 3.75 " x 60": SOLD BB3 - Olive w/ leaves 3.75 " x 60": $15.00>>>12.00>>>10.00 Shipped BB4 - Navy w/ GF Logo 3.75 " x 60": SOLD J Crew JC1 Blue w/ Polar Bear/Eskimo 3.75 " x 60", Made in Italy: $15.00>>>12.00>>>8.00 Shipped JC2 Olive w/ Westie Dog 3.75 " x 60", Made in Italy: $15.00>>>$12.00>>>8.00 Shipped JC3 Bronze w/ Pointer Dog 3.75 " x 59"...
I am faced with way too many ties. So many of which I can't remember when they were last worn. Couple that with the purchase of more ties over the summer, you get John's Cheap Tie Mega Sale. All ties have been worn. If there are any small issues I tried to make a note of it. I checked and there are no corner wear that I can see...if there were I'd donate them. All Prices include shipping to CONUS. If you live elsewhere let me know. Trad Ties: Sulka - 3.5" x 55.5"...
If the one pair measures out around 40/32 give me a shout. I really am limited on nice dress pants.
I picked up a few of those Le Collezioni coats back when I first started thrifting. They didn't go for much on ebay so I don't even bother with them anymore.
Yeah I seem to see it quite frequently. IIRC it was licensed back in the 80's.
Selling a pair of Gordon & Bros. shoes. They are a German made Goodyear welted shoe. The retail new in Europe in the $150 - $175 range. Quality wise they seem on par with my Allen Edmonds. The size is a European 43. I wear a 9.5 D normally and these fit just a tad large. I think they would work better for someone who is a 9.5 E or 10 D. SOLD
Price Drops....Come on guys I need my first sale on the new B&S
I make it back to Toledo maybe once a year. My family lives in Findlay now so unless I'm heading to the old HS for something there isn't any reason to go there.Toledo has got to be a thrifting graveyard. Back in day you had Jacobson's and Hudson/Marshall Fields which carried good stuff. The Macy's up there blows. The other day ironically I saw a Robert Talbott tie from Neil's Menswear which gave me a chuckle. Needless to say it was really dated.Have you ever headed up to...
+1...great find Stewie. Hard to beat AE like that. I wonder is that was deadstock from Dillards ?? The one here that carries AE had several models on clearance.
My guess is it's at least 10 plus years old. Jacobson's went out of business in 2002. Great store...they had one in Toledo where I grew up. If it fits and you are ok with the cut have at it...90% of the people you'll encounter won't give a second look.
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